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BMW car prices in Pakistan start from 29,000,000.0 for a new BMW X7 to PKR 86,000,000.0 for a new BMW X2. At BMW dealerships there are 11 new car models available across pakistan. Cars of the BMW  brand are also available in used conditions. The prices of these cars are starting from PKR 1,250,000 for a used BMW 3 Series to PKR 150,000,000 for a used BMW X7. There are 172 BMWs available for sale in pakistan. You can get the information about BMWs on pak prices.

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In 1916, BMW established its first office in Munich. Now BMW has accomplished worldwide recognition among famous car brands. Dewan Motors Private Limited is the official dealer in Pakistan of new BMW automobiles. German cars of BMW are known for their performance, luxury, and power. is dedicated to providing value to users seeking BMW car models. Get to know the prices of new BMW models released in Pakistan. Read out the review to  discover the BMW model, which perfectly suits your needs and check ratings by BMW owners in Pakistan. At pak prices you  can check new BMW features, comparisons, prices and used BMW motorcars available in Pakistan.


About BMW Pakistan there is a known fact that it produces more power than its competitor’s vehicle. However, the competition between BMW and Mercedes Benz is forever. startup in the auto world is in immense speed, and BMW cars are nowhere behind in contributing. The lane departure warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assist system (LKAS), road departure mitigation (RDM), adaptive cruise control (ACC) and Forward collision warning (FCW), etc. are just some of the technologies present in their latest models. To enhance better and safe driving for people inside and outside BMW vehicles All these techniques in the vehicle are essential. On the other hand, BMW Hybrid cars have also been doing great in the auto world. BMW also has started charging stations in Pakistan which shows the growth of plug-in hybrid cars in Pakistan. There are a lot of Plug-In Hybrid models of BMW found in Pakistan; such as BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid etc. All these cars have done very well in the Pakistani market has established BMW dealerships in the major cities of Pakistan by Dewan Motors . BMW motorcars range in price from 50 lacs to 300 lacs. However, they still are manageable and provide value for money. BMW 3 series starts from 50 lacs PKR however top of the line costs 65 lacs. BMW has launched X1 in Pakistan after predicting that trend is increasing in the crossover section.


BMW 3 series has been the most popular vehicle for sale in Pakistan. Although one cannot deny that the BMW 3 series as well is a famous car, there is something or the other which outsmarts the BMW 3 series. BMW 5 series has done extremely well in the Pakistani market, so is the case for BMW 7 series. Recently the BMW X1 has also done pretty well in the market, and you see it every time you hit the streets. Other than that BMW X5 & BMW i8 are growing rapidly in the market of Pakistan. 


As there are many BMW dealers available and with a popular connection, there is no difficulty in the search for a brand new BMW vehicle. BMW car finance in Pakistan is also present and is very often practiced. Almost every bank offers you the facility to buy your desired BMW Vehicle.


BMW is a company consistent with new technology and design. The aim of this company is to provide value for money so that the customers are satisfied and are always willing to come back to purchase another vehicle.


Name the  lowest priced model of BMW in Pakistan?

The lowest price model of BMW cars in pakistan is BMW X7, priced at PKR 29000000.0

Is the BMW7 Series the highest-priced model of BMW in Pakistan?

Yes, The highest price model of BMW cars in pakistan is BMW 7 Series, priced at PKR 235000000.0

Which is the most fuel efficient car model of BMW?

BMW 5 Series is the most fuel efficient car model in BMW with an average mileage of 23 km/liter.

Name the most popular BMW Cars in Pakistan?

The most popular BMW Cars in Pakistan are BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW X1, BMW X5 Series, BMW iX

Are the BMW Car parts easily available in Pakistan?

Yes BMW Car parts are available on Pak Prices Auto Store.

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