Honda Car Prices in Pakistan

The prices of a Honda Car in Pakistan start from PKR 4,649,000.0 for a new Honda City to PKR 22,990,000.0 for a new Honda Accord. The total number of new Car models that are available in Pakistan is 8. Hinda cars are best known because they are also available in used conditions. The prices of these types of cars start from  PKR 16,000,000 for a used Honda Accord. If we talk about the total number of Honda Cars that are available in Pakistan is 11852. 

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About Honda

Honda is a Japanese multinational corporation that is best known for manufacturing motorcycles, automobiles, and power equipment. Since  1959 till now Honda has been the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles. The vehicles of Honda are considered one of the most top-rated. These are available in any corner of Asia, Europe, and Australia. It became the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer in 2001 and the eighth-largest automaker in the world in 2011. 

History of Honda Cars

Honda’s history teaches several lessons for the other automakers in the World. In 1986 it became the 1st Japanese automaker to release a brand Acura. Honda cars are manufactured to make the journey more comfortable and relaxing for the users. Honda Pakistan is best known as Honda Atlas Cars. The joint venture between Atlas Group and Honda was incorporated in 1992. Honda vehicles are seen anywhere around the world.

Technology and Performance of Honda cars

If we compare the Honda Pakistan to other competitor’s vehicles then it is no doubt that their cars produce more power than the rest.  Anyway, this is a hot topic when we compare Toyota and Honda and the lovers of both cars never agree with the opposite opinions.  The Honda vehicles are continuously updated according to new and innovative technologies. If we talk about some of the latest technologies that are present in their models now are, The lane departure warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assists system (LKAS), road departure mitigation (RDM), adaptive cruise control (ACC) Forward collision warning (FCW), etc.

All these technologies have been used just to make the user experience more enjoyable and relaxed. The Honda Hybrid cars are also been doing great in the auto world. The models of Hybrid cars include the Honda Accord, Honda Fit, Honda Civic, Honda CR-Z, and Honda Vezel, etc. All these cars have done great in the market of  Pakistani

Popular Honda Cars in Pakistan

The Honda Civic is considered one of the most popular and renowned figures of cars for sale in Pakistan.  Of course, we cannot deny that  Honda City is also a famous car but people mostly prefer the Honda Civic. Honda Civic is becoming more prominent in Pakistan and people are still searching for a clean Civic. Recently the imported Honda Vehicle Vezel has also become famous in the Pkaitsn market and can be seen anywhere in Pakistan. On the other side Honda Accord CL7 and CL9 have had their good times, but now, unfortunately, a clean ride is hard to find. 

Availability of Honda Cars in Pakistan

Honda Cars are easily available in Pakistan. You can get brand-new Honda vehicles without facing any disturbance.  Honda car finance in Pakistan is also present and is very often practiced. You can contact any bank because almost every bank is offering the facility to get your desired Honda models.

Final Statement on Honda

Honda company is constantly using new technologies and designs. The company is providing worth the money cars to its customers. For the satisfaction of their clients, they ensure that the customer gets the best models. At Pakprices, you can get your desired model’s pictures, the latest prices, upcoming and sold models, and any model that is available in Pakistan. 


Is there any lowest-priced model of Honda in Pakistan?

The lowest-priced model of Honda cars in Pakistan is Honda City. The price of this car starts from PKR 4649000.0.

What is the name of the highest-priced model of Honda in Pakistan?

The highest-priced model of Honda cars in Pakistan is the Honda Accord. The price starts from PKR 22990000.0.

Which are the most popular Honda Cars in Pakistan?

The most popular Honda Cars in Pakistan are the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda City, Honda Vezel, Honda N Wgn, Honda BR-V

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