JMC Car Prices in Pakistan

JMC Car prices in Pakistan range from new to new, and prices vary with the models. New car models are currently available at JMC dealerships across Pakistan. JMC Cars are also available in used condition. Prices range from PKR 2,100,000 for a used JMC Vigus to PKR 2,850,000 for a used JMC Vigus. There are 3 JMC Cars available for sale in Pakistan on PakWheels.

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This car has a modern and sleek exterior design. It has spacious and well-designed interiors for comfort. Efficient and reliable engines are often designed for city driving and long-distance travel. Many models have good fuel economy. It has smooth handling and comfortable ride quality. Advanced safety features include ABS, EBD, traction control, and multiple airbags. It has strong body construction with an emphasis on crash safety. It has climate control systems for passenger comfort.

Ample storage space, both in the cabin and in the trunk. Foldable rear seats for additional cargo space. According to the ex-factory prices, JMC’s price in Pakistan is one crore.


Which is JMC’s lowest-priced model in Pakistan?

The lowest price model of JMC cars in Pakistan is the JMC Vigus, priced at PKR 10030000.0

Which is the highest-priced model of JMC in Pakistan?

The highest price model of JMC cars in Pakistan is the JMC Vigus, priced at PKR 10030000.0

Which model of JMC is most fuel-efficient?

JMC Vigus is the most fuel-efficient car model in JMC, with an average mileage of 11 km/liter.

Name the most popular JMC Cars in Pakistan.

The most popular JMC Cars in Pakistan are the JMC Vigus and JMC New Boarding.

Are the JMC Car parts readily available in Pakistan?

For JMC Car parts, you can visit Pak prices at the Auto Store.

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