MG Car Prices in Pakistan

MG car prices in Pakistan are starting from PKR 7199000.0 for a new MG HS to PKR 13,490,000.0 for MG 5 EV. at this time 4 available at MG dealerships across Pakistan. Cars of this brand are also available in a vast range in used condition and their prices started from PKR 4,500,000 for a used MG HS to PKR 15,061,500 for a used MG ZS EV. There are 277 MG Cars available in Pakistan  for sale in Pakistan at Park Prices.

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About MG

MG motors is a chinese auto manufacturing company but once it was a british company.this company is owned by  China’s Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) since 2007. The local partner of MG Motors is  Pakistan’s JW-ZES Group  and Javed Afridi, the CEO of Haier Pakistan, is the major stakeholder. The company debuted in the Pakistan auto market with MG HS, a compact SUV, in November 2020. MG Pakistan has plans to launch two more cars, MG ZS and MG ZS EV, in 2021.

History of MG

In 1924 MG Motors started as a British sports car manufacturing brand. But, over the course of 9 decades, the company has changed hands among 8 major automotive groups. MG Rover, Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC), and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) are the most popular names in the list of MG owners. One of China’s biggest car manufacturing companies is  SAIC, and is the current owner of MG Motors. SAIC manufactures MG cars in China. and exports them across the globe. MG Motors acquired the greenfield status under Pakistan’s Automotive Development Policy 2016-2020. MG, then, partnered with JW-ZES Group, the owner of Haier Pakistan, and Peshawer Zalmi, and became a new-entrant in the Pakistani market. 

Performance and Technology in MG Vehicles

MG cars are famous around the world  for their excellent speed and build-quality.


MG HS is an SUV with sporty exterior and high quality interior. The HS in Pakistan comes with a 1.5-litre GDI Turbo-Charged engine, producing 160hp with maximum 250 Nm torque. Feature highlights include LED daytime running lights, bi-function projector headlights, rear parking sensors, rear and front aero wipers, electrically adjustable side mirrors, 18-inch diamond cut alloy rims, and 10-inch infotainment system.


Another option for an SUV is the MG ZS for Pakistan. It is designed with the same 1.5-litre engine as the one in the HS. ZS has an 8-inch infotainment system, 17-inch wheels,  LED daytime running lights, bi-function projector headlights, rear parking sensors, rear and front aero wipers, electrically adjustable side mirrors, six airbags, and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).


The  MG ZS SUV’s  electric variant was launched in Pakistan in 2021. The heart of the MG ZS EV is a 44.5 kWh battery that powers a front-mounted electric motor that produces 140 hp and 350 Nm torque. The company claims that ZS EV can travel up to 262 kilometers in a single charge. The EV comes with an auto CVT transmission and similar features like its twin the MG ZS.

MG Cars in Pakistan

MG HS, MG ZS, and ZS EV are available for bookings at the dealership network of MG Pakistan. MG 3 and MG 5 have been launched in 2022 in pakistan.


Which is the lowest priced model of MG in Pakistan?

The lowest price model of MG cars in pakistan is MG HS, priced at PKR 7199000.0

Which is the highest-priced model of MG in Pakistan?

The highest price model of MG cars in pakistan is MG ZS EV, priced at PKR 14999000.0

Which are the upcoming car models of MG in Pakistan?

The upcoming models of MG cars are 2024 MG 5, 2024 MG MARVEL R, 2024 MG GT

Is MG HS OR MG ZS fuel efficient car model of MG?

MG HS is the most fuel efficient car model in MG with an average mileage of 11 km/liter.

Name the most popular MG Cars in Pakistan?

The most popular MG Cars in Pakistan are MG HS, MG ZS EV, MG ZS, MG 4

Are the MG Car parts easily available in Pakistan?

MG Car parts are available on PakWheels Auto Store.

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