Prince Pearl Car Price in Pakistan

Prince Pearl car price in Pakistan is starting from PKR 12 lac for a new price pearl. Currently in Pakistan just a new car model is available at dealerships. These cars are also available in used condition in very large amount. Prices for these cars are starting from 850000 for a used prince pearl to PKR 2400000 for a used prince K07. Almost 140 Prince Cars are available for sale in Pakistan at Pak Prices.

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Prince Pakistan

For selling and to assemble vehicles of prince brand in Pakistan Regal Automobiles Industries Limited (RAIL) has partnered with DFSK of China. under the Automotive Development Policy (ADP) Regal Automobiles got the Greenfield status in 2016-2021. The first car of this company launched in 2020 and the car was named as the Prince Pearl. The Regal Automobiles Industries limited brought 800cc Pearl in the to “reshape” Pakistan’s automobile industry. Prince Pearl is an affordable hatchback of Pakistan. In the local market Prince Pearl was well received. The car went head-to-head with United Bravo to take the market share vacated by the Suzuki Mehran. It would not be wrong to say that Pearl got where it wanted to, almost everyone is choosing Prince Pearl over Bravo.

History of Prince

The third largest motorcycle manufacturing brandin Pakistan is RAIL. Regal Automobiles acquired the Greenfield status under the Auto Policy 2016-21.  They did partnership with a Chinese car manufacturer in 2017. Dongfeng Sokon, aka DFSK, is a joint path between two Chinese industrial giants, Chongqing Sokon and Dongfeng. The big name in the Chinese automobile industry DFSK. Vans and passenger vehicles in a very large amount are produced by the company. Prince is an auto brand in Pakistan that is started by RAIL and DFSK’s partnership. The Prince’s first product in Pakistan debuted in 2020. It was the 800cc hatchback the Prince Pearl. It was also revealed by the company that they are planning to launch an automatic and an electric variant of the Pearl hatchback. Regal Automobiles  was not listened to by the local market since the launch of the manual Prince Pearl.

Performance and Technology in Prince Vehicles

The only Prince car that is seen in the Pakistani market is Pearl. Although the United Bravo has been beaten by pearl in build quality and technology, Pearl lags behind its Suzuki rivals in both performance and technology.

Prince Pearl

Prince Pearl is a mixture of two Changan cars –the Bennu and BenBen Mini. It comes with an 800cc EFI engine that produces 40hp and 60.6Nm torque. All features found in the car that have been found in the other 800cc hatchbacks. Power steering, power windows, central locking, touch screen infotainment system, 13-inch alloy wheels, and fog lamps are a few to name. Pearl has a warranty for 60,000kms or 3 years; whichever comes first.

Prince Cars in Pakistan

Prince Pearl is available for sale at 3S dealerships across Pakistan. At Pak prices users can view hundreds of used options of this affordable Prince hatchback.


Name the lowest priced model of Prince in Pakistan?

The lowest price model of Prince cars in pakistan is Prince K01, priced at PKR 1209000.0

Which is the highest-priced model of Prince in Pakistan?

Prince K07is the highest price model of Prince cars in pakistan priced at PKR 2669000.0

Which is the most fuel efficient car model of Prince?

Prince Pearl is the most fuel efficient car model in Prince with an average mileage of 13 km/liter.

Name  the most popular Prince Cars in Pakistan?

Here the Prince Pearl, Prince K07, Prince K01 are most popular Prince Cars in Pakistan are 

Are the Prince Car parts easily available in Pakistan?

Prince Car parts are only available on Pak Prices Auto Store.

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