Proton Car Prices in Pakistan

The Proton Car Prices in Pakistan start from  PKR 3,749,000.0 for a new Proton Saga to PKR 9,299,000.0 for a new Proton X70. Currently, 2 new brand car models are available at  Proton dealerships across Pakistan. Proton Car is also available in used condition. The prices of these cars usually start from PKR 1,100,000 for a used Proton Gen 2 to PKR 8,800,000 for a used Proton X70. 

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About Proton

Proton is a Malaysian automobile manufacturing company. The headquarters of this company is in Selangor, Malaysia. This car has become the first automaker of Malaysia with the country’s locally produced vehicle for the first time. Proton has recently debuted in the Pakistani market with their SUV, the Proton X70, and all car fans are crazy about this car. 

History of Proton

Proton was founded in 1983 when the Prime minister shared his vision to make a national car for the country. Today Proton has not only become the brand in the Malaysian automotive industry but has also grown fast in several other countries including Pakistan. Al-Haj Automotive Private Limited has been building the first-ever Proton cars manufacturing plant in Karachi since 2019. The Al-Haj Group has intended to sell the parts of the cars in the Pakistani market through the local dealership in the way they are providing the other local cars. 

Performance and Technology in Proton Vehicles

Proton cars gained much fame and publicity because of their comfort, safety, and affordable prices. If we compare the Proton Cars with the others in the market then these cars have the best engines in the industry and are still tagged off with cheaper cars. 

Proton X70

Proton X70 is a C-segment SUV that is available with the best and most flexible architecture and solid engine and interior. Proton X70 can be bought from Pakistan in two variants AWD Executive and FWD Premium.  These cars have broken records in the Malaysian market. It is also going to give a challenge to Pakistani rivals Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, and MG HS.

Proton Saga

Proton Saga is the Suzuki Mehran of Malaysia. This is used by almost all Malaysians because people use basic sedan cars. It is viral news that soon this car is coming to Pakistan and going to give a tough time to all the sedan cars that are the favorite of everyone. 

Availability of Proton Cars in Pakistan

The First Proton vehicle, the X70 is the second of the most prominent vehicles. Pakistan’s Al-Haj Group has been a part of Proton Holdings to be the official distributor of Proton cars in Pakistan. CBU units of Proton X70 and Proton Saga are arriving in Pakistan and will be accessible for everyone soon in Pakistan too. You can buy the AWD Executive variant will be available at Rs4,890,000, while the FWD Premium variant is priced at Rs5,390,000.  If you are interested in buying you can get more information from the Proton website and book your favorite X70. The Proton Saga is expected to follow the ways of X70 and will be here in the Pakistani market soon. 

Proton Pakistan

Proton cars came into the market of Pakistani auto in partnership with the Al-Haj Group. Proton X70 and Proton Saga have won the hearts of  numerous Pakistanis who wish to have cars.  The fascinating look and design have attracted buyers. The excellent features and most importantly the affordable prices made them the dream car of several people in Pakistan. If you are also interested in buying this car just visit our website Pakprices and get the most latest information about this car.


What is the name of the lowest-priced model of Proton in Pakistan?

The lowest-priced model of Proton cars in Pakistan is the Proton Saga. The price starts from PKR 3749000.0.

Which is the highest-priced model of Proton in Pakistan?

The highest price model of Proton cars in Pakistan is the Proton X70, priced at PKR 9299000.0

Which is the most fuel-efficient car model of Proton?

Proton Saga is the most fuel-efficient car model in Proton with an average mileage of 14 km/liter.

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