Airox Smart Watches

Airox is a famous brand which is famous for its unique and amazing smartwatches. The watches of Airox are specifically designed to facilitate people to track their fitness goals. Usually, the morning risers need the one who allocates the time for their exercise and workout especially need to buy the watches of Airox. Because these will help to keep a record of your workout.  If you want to stay connected with others and want to keep a record of your goals then these watches will be the perfect choice for you.

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Some of their watches include:

Although several watches Airox have amazed buyers with their unique features Airox Noisefit Watch and Airox W2 Circular Watch have amazed people. The Airox Noisefit Watch has features like heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, water resistance, a long-lasting battery, SpO2 tracking, and female health tracking. The 1.46’’ LED screen and the design which blends fashion and functionality is just brilliant. On the other hand, the Airox W2 Circular Watch is mostly known because of its features which include a 1.46 LED’’ screen, stylish smartwatches, and functionality. People can stay connected with their fitness goals and can use it for other purposes. So, just like these smart watches, several other unique models are available in Pakistan as well. The Prices usually start from 3599 to onwards. The prices depend on the models that you have selected. You can stay connected with all your goals while wearing Airox Noisefir Hybrid smartwatches. The combination of traditional and modern smart technology makes them the most stylish yet elegant watches. If you want to buy a blend of old and new combination of style and designs then you can see their picture on our website. You will also come to know about all types of watches and their prices. You can stay connected with your life activities and the goals with Airox Noisefit Hybrid Smartwatch.

Key Features of Airox Smart Watches

The key features of Airox watches are the main reason for their fame and popularity. The designs of these watches are a combination of analog and digital displays. You can monitor your heart beat rate, step tracking, and calorie burn tracking without any extra effort. These watches will help you by sending notifications of calls, texts, and other social media.  Most of the watches have a music control system and camera remote as well. Other features include: 

  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Long-lasting battery life (up to 30 days)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

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