Latest Honda 70 Price in Pakistan Today 25 February, 2024 | Honda Bikes Rate in Pakistan

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When it comes to reliability, performance, and an iconic presence on the roads, the Honda 70 price in Pakistan is gradually rising but still it is affordable and stands as an excellent choice as a motorcycle. With a rich history and a legacy that echoes through the streets, this two-wheeled marvel has been a favorite among riders for decades. No wonder, it is the nation’s favorite bike for 60 years and so on! Get to know the new Honda 70 price in Pakistan.

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honda cd 70 price in pakistan

Honda 70 Price in Pakistan Today [current_date] | Models and Design of Honda CD 70 Bike

Bike ModelPrice in PkrSpecification
CD 70Rs. 157,9004-Stroke OHC Air Cooled, 8.5 Liters Tank
CD 70 DreamRs. 168,9004-Stroke OHC Air-Cooled, 8.6 Liters Tank

Honda 70 Bike Specifications:


  • Type: 4-Stroke OHC Air-Cooled
  • Displacement: 72 cm³
  • Bore x Stroke: 47.0 x 41.4 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 8.8:1


  • Type: 4-Speed Constant Mesh
  • Starting Mechanism: Kick Start


  • Type: Backbone Type
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 1886 x 751 x 1014 mm


  • Front: Telescopic Fork 78mm Travel
  • Rear: Swing Arm 68mm Travel


  • Front: Expanding Drum (130 mm)
  • Rear: Expanding Drum (130 mm)

Fuel Tank Capacity:

  • 8.5 Liters (Reserve: 1.0 Liter)

Tyre Size:

  • Front: 2.25 – 17 4PR
  • Rear: 2.50 – 17 4PR


  • 82 kg

Models of Honda 70 Available in Pakistan:

  • Honda CD 70:

The classic and ever-popular model, known for its fuel efficiency and robust build. This model’s Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan is low from the model that are given below.

  • Honda CD 70 Dream:

A stylish variant with enhanced graphics and modern design elements.

Factors Affecting Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan:

  • Economic Conditions:

Fluctuations in the economy can directly impact the cost of production, affecting the final price of the Honda CD 70.

  • Exchange Rates:

As the majority of the components may be imported, changes in exchange rates can influence the overall cost.

  • Government Policies:

Regulatory changes, taxes, and duties can significantly impact the pricing structure.

  • Inflation:

Rising inflation can lead to increased manufacturing and operational costs, contributing to a higher bike price.

  • Global Oil Prices:

Given the fuel-dependent nature of motorcycles, variations in global oil prices can affect transportation and manufacturing costs.

  • Technological Upgrades:

Introduction of new features or technological advancements can contribute to a higher price tag.

  • Competitive Market Dynamics:

Market demand, competitor pricing, and consumer preferences play a pivotal role in setting the Honda 70 price in Pakistan.

Fuel Average:

Renowned for its exceptional fuel efficiency, the Honda CD 70 remains a top choice among riders, solidifying its enduring popularity. With an impressive average of 50 to 60 kilometers per liter, this motorcycle not only delivers a powerful performance but also proves to be an economically sound option for daily commuting. 

The efficient fuel consumption ensures that riders can cover substantial distances without frequently visiting the fuel station, adding a practical edge to its appeal. Whether navigating through bustling city streets or embarking on longer journeys, the Honda CD 70’s remarkable fuel economy stands as a testament to its engineering excellence, providing riders with a cost-effective and environmentally conscious riding experience.


The Honda CD 70 is not just a symbol of performance but also a canvas of personal expression, available in three classic colors: Red, Black, and Blue. 

The availability of these classic colors ensures that riders can make a stylish statement on the road while enjoying the reliable and efficient performance of the Honda CD 70. Whether you opt for the bold vibrancy of Red, the timeless elegance of Black, or the cool sophistication of Blue, each color complements the bike’s design, adding a touch of personal flair to every ride. 

In conclusion, understanding these factors provides valuable insights into the dynamics influencing the pricing strategy of Honda motorcycles in the Pakistani market.

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