Tuff Tile Price in Pakistan 2023 | Tuff Tiles Rate Today in Pakistan

Are you looking for tuff tiles for flooring lawns or roads and searching for tuff tile price in Pakistan? Tuff tiles, also known as concrete interlocking tiles, have emerged as a popular flooring solution in Pakistan due to their durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. These tiles have revolutionized the construction industry and are now extensively used indoors and outdoors.

With their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme weather conditions, and environmental factors, tuff tiles have become a preferred choice for homeowners, architects, and contractors in Pakistan. As the demand for tuff tiles rises, buyers must understand the factors influencing their pricing.

In this article, we will explore the various aspects that affect tuff tile price in Pakistan, highlight some of the top tuff tile manufacturers in the country, examine the pros and cons of using tuff tiles, and conclude with valuable insights for potential buyers.

Tuff Tile Price in Pakistan

Tuff Tile Price in Pakistan Today 1 December, 2023 | Latest Tuff Tile Rate List

Tuff Tile ColorsSizePurposePrice Per Sq Ft
Grey60 mmRoads, flooringRs. 50
Red60 mmFloorRs. 52
Black60 mmBackyardRs. 56
Off white60 mmFloor, roadRs. 54
Off white80 mmFloor, roadRs. 78
Red80 mmCourtyardRs. 85
Grey80 mmRoads, flooringRs. 82

Factors Affecting Tuff Tile Price In Pakistan

It is important to consider several factors when determining the price of tuff tiles in Pakistan. Factors such as:

  • Quality of Raw Materials: The quality of raw materials used in the manufacturing process significantly impacts the final price of tuff tiles. Tiles made from high-grade cement, aggregates, and pigments are more durable and visually appealing, thus commanding a higher price.
  • Manufacturing Process: The method and technology employed during the manufacturing process can affect the cost of tuff tiles. Tiles produced using advanced and automated machinery may have better precision and consistency, leading to higher prices than those manufactured through manual processes.
  • Tile Size and Design: Tuff tiles’ size and design complexity also play a role in determining their price. Larger tiles or tiles with intricate designs may require more raw materials and specialized craftsmanship, leading to a higher cost.
  • Market Demand and Supply: With the instability of dollar prices in Pakistan and the current economic condition, the demand and supply can influence tuff tile prices. Many people ask why construction material prices increased during this inflation. The answer lies in the devaluation of the Pakistani currency, which affected every industry and increased their products’ prices. Conversely, prices may stabilize or decrease when Pakistan’s dollar price and economy normalize.

Top Tuff Tile Manufacturers in Pakistan

  • AM Tuff Tiles
  • Concreto Pavers
  • Mughal Concrete Tiles
  • SKB Tiles & Concrete Product
  • Pak Tiles
  • Pak Clay

Pros and Cons of Tuff Tiles

Advantages of Tuff Tiles

  1. Tuff tiles are exceptionally durable and can withstand heavy wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.
  2. Tuff tiles are easy to maintain and require little effort as their lifespan is higher.
  3. Tuff tiles are available in various designs, colors, and patterns, which lead to aesthetic appearance.

Disadvantages of Tuff Tiles

  1.  Tuff tiles may have a higher upfront cost than traditional flooring options, which can deter some buyers
  2. While the interlocking system simplifies installation, it requires proper alignment and expertise for seamless fitting


This was all about tuff tile prices in Pakistan and other relative information before buying these tiles. Tuff tiles are generally more expensive than other ceramic room tiles because these are built with solid material and can bear heavy weight, even used on roads. Understanding the factors influencing tuff tile prices is crucial for making informed decisions. Additionally, by considering the top manufacturers and weighing the pros and cons of tuff tiles, potential buyers can select the best-suited options for their specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are tuff tiles suitable for outdoor use?

    Tuff tiles are designed to withstand Pakistan’s weather conditions, including extreme temperatures and rainfall.

  2. Can tuff tiles be installed on uneven surfaces?

    No, Tuff tiles are best suited for even surfaces. However, proper preparation and levelling can allow installation on slightly uneven surfaces.

  3. How long do tuff tiles typically last?

    With proper maintenance, tuff tiles can last for several decades, making them a durable and long-lasting flooring solution.

  4. Can We Use Tuff Tiles in Bed Rooms?

    No, these tiles are designed and suitable for outdoors only.

  5. Are tuff tiles eco-friendly?

    Some manufacturers offer eco-friendly tuff tiles made from recycled materials, contributing to sustainability efforts.

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