Tuff Tile Price in Pakistan 22 April, 2024 | Tuff Tiles Rate Today in Pakistan

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Are You Searching for Tuff Tiles to Cover Your Lawn or Road and Need Their Cost in Pakistan? Its cost varies with size and color for example, 60mm black tile is of Rs. 55.9, 60mm of gray tile is of Rs. 50. Whereas 80mm of gray tile price is 79.889. Tuff tiles have become one of the most demanded flooring options in Pakistan due to their long-term durability, flexibility and attractive appeal – transforming both indoors and outdoors construction industries.

Tuff tiles have long been popular among Pakistanis for their ability to withstand foot traffic, extreme weather conditions and environmental stresses. Due to an ever-increasing demand, it is imperative that buyers become aware of factors affecting the price of Tuff tiles before purchasing any.

This article will investigate the factors that contribute to the price of tuff tiles in Pakistan, highlight top manufacturers of such tiles, discuss advantages and disadvantages associated with each material type combined, as well as provide helpful information for prospective buyers.

Tuff Tile Price in Pakistan

Tuff Tile Price in Pakistan Today 22 April, 2024 | Latest Tuff Tile Rate List

Tuff Tile ColorsSizePurposePrice Per Sq Ft
Grey60 mmRoads, flooringRs. 50
Red60 mmFloorRs. 53
Black60 mmBackyardRs. 56
Off white60 mmFloor, roadRs. 54
Off white80 mmFloor, roadRs. 78
Red80 mmCourtyardRs. 85
Grey80 mmRoads, flooringRs. 80

Factors Affecting Tuff Tile Price In Pakistan

It is important to consider several factors when determining the price of tuff tiles in Pakistan. Factors such as:

Raw Material Quality: 

The final cost of tuff tiles is largely determined by the quality of raw materials utilized in the production process. Higher-quality cement, aggregates, and pigments produce tiles that are more attractively charming and long-lasting, which drives up their cost. 

Manufacturing Process

The technique and technology used in the production process have an impact on the price of tuff tiles. The accuracy and consistency of tiles made with stylish, automated equipment may exceed those of tiles made by hand, therefore commanding a premium.

Tile Size and Design: 

The size and complexity of the designs on Tuff tiles affect their cost as well. Costs may increase for larger or more intricately designed tiles since they may need more raw materials and skilled technique.

Market Demand and Supply:

 Tuff tile prices can be impacted by supply and demand due to the current economic climate and Pakistan’s unstable currency pricing.

 A common question is why the cost of building materials went up during this inflation? 

The devaluation of the Pakistani rupee, which had an impact on all industries and raised the cost of their goods, is the reason. On the other hand, if the dollar value and economy of Pakistan adjust, prices might either stabilize or decline.

Top Tuff Tile Manufacturers in Pakistan

Pros and Cons of Tuff Tiles

Advantages of Tuff Tiles

  1. Tuff tiles are excellent for high-traffic areas due to their outstanding durability and ability to bear major damage.
  2. They last so long; tuff tiles take less labor and are easy to maintain.
  3. Tuff tiles come in a wide range of styles, shades, and patterns; they have a pleasing look.

Disadvantages of Tuff Tiles

  1. Some clients may be scared off by the reality that tuff tiles may be more expensive initially then traditional flooring options. 
  2. Although the interconnected system makes construction easier for a perfect fit, it requires it to be correctly placed and fitted.


Before buying these tiles, it was related to the price of tuff tiles in Pakistan and other relevant details. Because tuff tiles are made of solid materials and can support large weights—they can even be used on roadways—they are frequently more costly than other ceramic room tiles. It’s necessary to know all factors affecting tuff tile prices in order to make wise choices. Further, new clients can choose the right options for their particular needs by taking into account the best suppliers and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of tuff tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are tuff tiles suitable for outdoor use?

    Tuff tiles are designed to withstand Pakistan’s weather conditions, including extreme temperatures and rainfall.

  2. Can tuff tiles be installed on uneven surfaces?

    No, Tuff tiles are best suited for even surfaces. However, proper preparation and levelling can allow installation on slightly uneven surfaces.

  3. How long do tuff tiles typically last?

    With proper maintenance, tuff tiles can last for several decades, making them a durable and long-lasting flooring solution.

  4. Can We Use Tuff Tiles in Bed Rooms?

    No, these tiles are designed and suitable for outdoors only.

  5. Are tuff tiles eco-friendly?

    Some manufacturers offer eco-friendly tuff tiles made from recycled materials, contributing to sustainability efforts.

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