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Chicken feed or poultry feed price in Pakistan vary depending on the type of feed, the brand, and the location. However, the average price of a 50-kilogram bag of poultry feed in Pakistan is around PKR 4,000 to PKR 5000. This price has increased significantly in recent months due to rising input costs, such as the price of wheat, cotton price in Pakistan and some other factors.

In Pakistan, where poultry farming plays a big role in the economy, the price of food for chickens, called poultry feed, is a big concern. This food’s cost goes up and down for different reasons, like how much it costs to grow grains and what’s happening in the world market.

Since chicken and eggs are important foods for many people and provide jobs, understanding why this feed’s price changes is really important, so, what’s the poultry feed price in Pakistan? I’ll tell you just that in this article, including all of the factors that affect the price.

Poultry feed price in Pakistan

Poultry Feed Price in Pakistan Today 22 May, 2024 Chicken Poultry Feed 50kg Rate

Poultry Feed TypePrice Per 50KgFeed No
Layer CrumbsRs. 450013
Broiler FinisherRs. 496015
Breeder CrumbsRs. 478019
Breeder Grower CrumbsRs. 473017
Starter Chicks CrumbsRs. 465011
Broiler Pre Starter CrumbsRs. 490014
Layer Cage CrumbsRs. 461013-S
Layer Grower CrumbsRs. 464012
Breeder Starter CrumbsRs. 469016
Pre Breeder CrumbsRs. 477018
Broiler Finisher CrumbsRs. 503014-S3 M
Broiler Medicated CrumbsRs. 505014-S2 M

How poultry feed is made?

Poultry feed is made by selecting and grinding ingredients like grains, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients are mixed to create a balanced feed formula. Optional processes like pelleting or extrusion can enhance feed quality. After quality control checks, the feed is packaged, labeled, and distributed to farms for proper feeding management to ensure the birds receive optimal nutrition.

Types of Poultry Feed in Pakistan

  • Starter Feed
  • Grower Feed
  • Finisher Feed
  • Layer Feed
  • Broiler Feed
  • Breeder Feed
  • Turkey Feed
  • Duck Feed
  • Quail Feed
  • Organic Feed
  • Medicated Feed

Factors Affecting Poultry Feed Prices in Pakistan

  • Grain Costs: The price of grains like corn and soybeans, key ingredients in poultry feed, can impact overall feed costs.
  • Global Market Trends: International grain prices and demand changes can influence local feed prices.
  • Weather: Grain crop shortages and higher prices for poultry feed ingredients can result from weather events.
  • Transportation Costs: Fluctuations in fuel prices and transportation expenses can affect the cost of delivering feed to farms.
  • Government Policies: Regulations, subsidies, and taxes can also shape the cost of poultry feed in Pakistan

Poultry Feed Mills in Pakistan

  • Asia Poultry Feeds
  • Ibrahim Feed Mills
  • Pakistan Poultry Feeds
  • Islamabad Feed Mill
  • JSK Feeds Limited
  • Mashriq Feeds Mills
  • Master Cattle Feeds
  • Wahid Feed Mills
  • Pioneer Feed Industries
  • Faisal Feeds (Pvt.) Ltd

Advantages of Poultry Feed

  • Proper feed helps chickens grow faster and produce more eggs or meat.
  • Formulated feed ensures chickens get the right nutrients for their health.
  • Ready-made feed saves time compared to making feed from scratch.
  • Some feeds include additives that boost immunity and prevent diseases.
  • Using formulated feed can be more cost-effective than making custom feed.

Disadvantages of Poultry Feed

  • Purchasing poultry feed can be a significant expense for farmers.
  • All feed ingredients aren’t created equal.
  • Relying solely on manufactured feed might limit chickens’ natural foraging behaviours.
  • The production of large amounts of feed can be bad for the environment.
  • Overuse of certain additives in feed could raise health questions.

Final Words

This blog was all about chicken poultry feed price in Pakistan. Poultry feed plays a vital role in the growth of chicken and its production. Recently there has been a massive increase in the price of chicken and eggs in Pakistan because of the rise in feed rates. Pakistan imports chicken feed mainly, so because of dollar prices and inflation, feed prices increase, and hence the rate of chicken goes up.
In short, chicken prices are directly proportional to poultry feed prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Poultry feed refers to the specialized diet provided to domesticated poultry species, including chickens, ducks, and turkeys, to meet their nutritional requirements for growth, egg production, and overall health.

Poultry feed usually contains a mixture of grains (corn, wheat, barley), protein sources (soybean meal, fish meal), fats, vitamins, minerals, and sometimes additives for enhanced growth and health.

Yes, various types of poultry feed are available in Pakistan to cater to different stages of poultry development (starter, grower, layer, etc.) and specific needs (meat production, egg laying).

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  1. […] vary and fluctuate daily and weekly. The cost varies depending on factors such as recently, poultry feed prices in Pakistan have risen due to increased dollar prices and import duties. Due to this, chicken prices go high […]

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