Latest PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan 2024 | PVC Pipe Rate Today

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Do you want to be curious about Pvc pipe price in Pakistan? Here in this detailed article, you come to know a detailed overview of PVC pipes, their characteristics, various applications, benefits it offers, and an updated rate list.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes have become an increasingly popular choice for plumbing, drainage, and water supply systems in both residential and commercial applications. They are also resistant to weathering and can withstand high pressure, making them ideal for plumbing and water supply systems. PVC and PPRC pipes are also unlikely to break or leak, reducing the need for maintenance and repair.

In the 1950s and 60s, advancements in PVC manufacturing technology led to the development of more durable and flexible PVC pipes. This made them a more popular choice for plumbing and other applications.

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Today, PVC pipes are one of the most commonly used types of piping worldwide, with a wide range of applications in industries such as construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. Their durability, low cost, and ease of installation have made them a preferred choice for many types of piping systems.

Pvc pipe price in Pakistan

Pvc Pipe Price Today in Pakistan [current_date] | Latest Plastic Pipe Rate in Pakistan

Pipe SizePipe LengthWeightPrice in Pkr
1-inch10 feet700 gRs. 350
1 ¼ inch10 feet1 kgRs. 550
2-inches10 feet1 kgRs. 600
2-inch (double)10 feet1.5 kgRs. 800
3-inch13 feet3 kgRs. 1700
4-inch13 feet4 kgRs. 1920
4-inch (double)13 feet4.5 kgRs. 2200
4-inch (Thick)13 feet4.8 kgRs. 2400
5-inch13 feet7 kgRs. 3800
6-inch13 feet10 kgRs. 4850

Disclaimer Note

This rate list has been generated by a market survey from different pvc pipes suppliers, you may get slightly different prices in the local market of your city. Due to inflation and increasing fuel prices in Pakistan, rates are going up and down every day. So, before buying pvc pipes you should visit your nearby market to get the best rates.

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PVC Pipes Industries in Pakistan

  • Royal Pipes
  • National Pipe Industry
  • Master Pipes
  • Adam jee Plastic Industry
  • Alsafa Pipes
  • Beta Pipes
  • Alpha Pipes
  • New Tech Pipes

Precautionary Measures

it’s important to take certain precautionary measures to ensure their safe and efficient use. Here are some precautionary measures for PVC pipes:

  1. It is important to handle pipes carefully in order to avoid damage. Avoid bending or twisting the pipes as this may cause cracks or leaks.
  2. Store PVC pipes in a cool, dry, and shaded area to prevent UV damage, which can weaken the pipes over time.
  3. Do not stack them too high or too close to each other as this may cause deformation or warping.
  4. To prevent cracking or breaking of PVC pipes, do not exceed the recommended weight limit.
  5. Make sure the pipes are supported properly by using brackets, hangers, and supports.
  6. When working with PVC pipes, wear protective gear such as gloves, safety glasses, and masks to protect against potential hazards.

Advantages of Pvc Pipes

  • Essential Plumbing component
  • Durability
  • Low cost
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Low friction loss
  • Resistance to biological growth

Disadvantages of Pvc Pipes

  • Limited temperature range
  • Vulnerable to UV light:
  • Not suitable for high-pressure applications
  • Limited size range


The price of PVC pipes in Pakistan can vary depending on various factors such as the size, type, quality, and location of the supplier. However, it is always best to check with local suppliers or retailers for the latest and most accurate pricing information as prices may vary over time.


Yes, PVC pipes can be used underground. However, it is important to ensure that the pipes are properly supported and protected from damage.

PVC pipes can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, making them suitable for use in hot water applications.

PVC pipes are available in a range of sizes, ranging from 1 to 13 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter

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  1. […] PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan 2023 | Pvc Pipe Rate Today […]

  2. […] PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan 2023 | Pvc Pipe Rate Today […]

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