Wheat Price in Pakistan 2023 | Atta Price in Pakistan Today

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It’s really hard to survive in a country that is struggling financially. Because the pieces of household things like atta keep going up. On the first side, it’s useful for all the farmers but very bad for all the civilians, especially laborers. However, atta (flour) Is something our lives are incomplete without. We can’t imagine our lives without eating two to three rotis three times a day. So, the Wheat Price in Pakistan is quite a common question.

One kg of atta in Pakistan costs different things. Regular atta costs between Rs. 150 and 180. High-quality atta costs between Rs. 200 and 250 per kg. You can also find atta made with different grains, like maize and barley, which cost around Rs. 60 to 80 per kg. The prices vary from store to store and region to region. There’s a higher price for atta in rural and urban areas.

Due to inflation in Pakistan, not just wheat price in Pakistan have increased, sugar prices and other kitchen items like rice rates have also risen significantly.

Wheat price in Pakistan

Wheat Price in Pakistan Today [current_date] | Atta Gundam Price in Pakistan

Gundam Rate in Punjab

CityWheat Rate
BahawalnagarRs. 4660
BurewalaRs. 4200
BahawalpurRs. 4230
ChichawatniRs. 4500
Dera Ghazi KhanRs. 4600
HasilpurRs. 4550
LayyahRs. 4670
Rahim Yar KhanRs. 4620
SadiqabadRs. 4590
SahiwalRs. 4600

Gundam Rate in Sindh

CityWheat Rate
Nawab ShahRs. 4850
SukkurRs. 4950
ShikarpurRs. 5110
HyderabadRs. 5010
LarkanaRs. 4800
KarachiRs. 5040
GhotkiRs. 4950

Gundam Rate in Kpk

CityWheat Rate
KohatRs. 4650
PeshawarRs. 4680
MardanRs. 4800
AbbottabadRs. 4980

Wheat Production in Pakistan

Pakistan is quite ahead in wheat production. You’d be glad to know that from 2022 to 2023, Pakistan produced 28 million tonnes of wheat. The country produced 28.4 million tonnes of wheat last year. 75% of the wheat production of pakistan is done in Punja as there are way more wheat crips than other provinces of the country. 

The Pakistani government has made a lot of effort to increase wheat production. These steps include subsidising farmers, improving irrigation facilities, and introducing new wheat varieties. It’s also working to reduce wheat imports, which have drained its foreign exchange reserves.

As wheat production increases in Pakistan, Pakistan can also export wheat to other countries, earning much-needed foreign exchange.

Wheat Flour Mills in Pakistan

  • Rising Sun Flour Mills
  • Mohkum Flour Mills
  • Indus Flour Mills
  • Hayat Flour Mills
  • Diamond Flour Mills
  • National Flour Mills
  • Habib Flour Mills
  • Asia Flour Mills

Flour (Atta) Price in Pakistan

Flour atta price in Pakistan usually remains constant and does not change frequently. But it has increased recently due to the new price of wheat gandum crops. Flour is a finely ground powder produced by milling or grinding various grains, wheat or gandum. Flour is a daily use essential product of every home in Pakistan.

Today the price of atta flour in Pakistan is Rs. 120 to Rs. 200 per kg in different cities. These prices vary from city to city and may slightly change in rates due to many factors.

Wheat Import Export

Pakistan is a country where wheat is imported and exported depending on the wheat crops. In 2021 the country exported $22.2 million of wheat, mainly to the United Arab Emirates and Ireland. The country also imported $1 billion of wheat from Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Brazil.

As a result of a record wheat harvest in 2020, Pakistan imported no wheat. Since then, it’s been volatile.

Types of Wheat in Pakistan

  1. Hard Red Wheat
  2. Hard White Wheat
  3. Soft Red Wheat
  4. Soft White Wheat
  5. Durum Wheat
  6. Emmer Wheat
  7. Einkorn Wheat
  8. Spelt
  9. Kamut

Factor Affecting Price of Wheat in Pakistan

  • Prices go up when demand is high, and supply is low. Conversely, prices go down when supply is high, and demand is low.
  • There are a lot of factors that affect a product’s price, like news, trends, and public opinion.
  • Increasing production costs can lead to higher prices as companies try to maintain their profit margins.
  • If there’s more competition, then prices can go down, but if there’s less competition, then prices can go up.


For an average family, fulfilling the need of flour atta for a daily 2 time meal is difficult in Pakistan. Wheat price in Pakistan has increased at its highest rate. The majority can’t afford these prices. Although Pakistan is a significant country for wheat production, the rates still touch the sky, and daily wagers work hard for roti for his family. If the Pakistani government reduces taxes and fixes a reasonable rate for wheat and flour, everyone can happily effort and have a good meal.

If you want to buy wheat or gandum, then we recommend surveying the market first, checking the quality and getting an idea of the rates. This way you can have a good deal of buying gandum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whole wheat atta retains the bran, germ, and endosperm, making it more nutritious than all-purpose flour, which is refined and lacks the bran and germ

To maintain freshness, store flour atta in airtight containers in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

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