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The steel rate in Pakistan varies with quality. The rate of steel per kg in Pakistan depends upon quality and quantity. Generally, it is between PKR232 and PKR255 per kg.

An alloy of iron and carbon containing a small percentage of carbon and also other metals like chromium, nickel, manganese, etc. is known as steel. It is a hard and tough metal. We use it to produce something made of steel, to produce hardness and resistance to rusting. Steel is very useful for commercial purposes. We use steel/iron in house buildings. The need for steel/Saria is increasing daily with an increase in population. 

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For all these needs, we should be familiar with the steel rate in Pakistan, the Saria rate in Pakistan, and the iron rate in Pakistan today.

If you want to know the steel rate in Pakistan today, you are in the right place! Here, we will discuss steel prices in Pakistan at different places. You will get to know the steel rate today, the iron rate in Pakistan, and the Saria rate in Pakistan today.

So, let’s start with an overview of the prices of steel, iron, and Saria in Pakistan.

Steel rate today Pakistan

Steel Rate Today 23 July, 2024 | Latest Saria Steel Price in Pakistan (Brand Steel Rate list)

Steel Saria Size in Sutar/ mm40 Grade Rate in Kg40 Grade Rate in Ton60 Grade Rate in Kg60 Grade Rate in Ton
3 Sutar / 10 mmRs. 262 Per KGRs. 262,000 Per TonRs. 264 Per KGRs. 264,000 Per Ton
4 Sutar / 12 mmRs. 260 Per KgRs. 260,000 Per TonRs. 262 Per KgRs. 262,000 Per Ton
5 Sutar / 16 mmRs. 260 Per KgRs. 260,000 Per TonRs. 262 Per KgRs. 262,000 Per Ton
6 Sutar / 20 mmRs. 260 Per KgRs. 260,000 Per TonRs. 262 Per KgRs. 262,000 Per Ton
7 Sutar / 22 mmRs. 260 Per KgRs. 260,000 Per TonRs. 263 Per KgRs. 263,000 Per Ton
8 Sutar / 25 mmRs. 260 Per KgRs. 260,000 Per TonRs. 263 Per KgRs. 263,000 Per Ton

1 Ton Saria Price in Pakistan Today23 July, 2024 | Local City Wise Saria Rate Today Per Kg

City Wise Steel Rates40 Grade Rate (Kg)40 Grade Rate (Ton)60 Grade Rate (Kg)60 Grade Rate (Ton)
KarachiRs. 246 Per KgRs. 246,000 Per TonRs. 248 Per KgRs. 248,000 Per Ton
LahoreRs. 242 Per KgRs. 242,000 Per TonRs. 243 Per KgRs. 243,000 Per Ton
GujranwalaRs. 238 Per KgRs. 238,000 Per TonRs. 238 Per KgRs. 238,000 Per Ton
PeshawarRs. 237 Per KgRs. 237,000 Per TonRs. 239 Per KgRs. 239,000 Per Ton
IslamabadRs. 244 Per KGRs. 244,000 Per TonRs. 246 Per KgRs. 246,000 Per Ton
FaisalabadRs. 239 Per KGRs. 239,000 Per TonRs. 241 Per KgRs. 241,000 Per Ton

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Steel Prices in Pakistan

We classify various steel based on their physical properties and composition. We show this classification with grades, e.g., grade 40 steel, etc.

In Pakistan we are using grade 40 and grade 60 steel. Their prices vary irregularly. People buy it in kilograms, metric tons. So, we should be familiar with all types of prices.

The Saria rate in Pakistan is increasing daily. One main reason for the increase is that many factories are closing their steel units in Pakistan.

Iron Scrap Rate in Pakistan 

The waste pieces or rough iron are called iron scrapes. Iron scrap is a more reactive, cheaper metal used to displace copper. Today, the Iron scrap rate in Pakistan is 180-190.


The steel rate today in Pakistan may vary in your local market. It varies daily due to a revolution in the stock exchange market rates. The above-stated rates of steel may be slightly dissimilar in your cities depending upon many factors. You are required to check the rates on a daily basis before going to pay for them.

Factories of Steel in Pakistan

Pakistan has produced some of the famous and speedy growing steel mills that create tons of iron daily and serve thousands of jobs. Here is the list of the steel mills:

Amreli Steels Limited

Amreli Steels is a private-sector company based in Karachi. It is one of the largest manufacturers of steel reinforcement bars in Pakistan

Ittehad Steel:

Ittehad Steel is known for manufacturing a wide range of steel products, including rebars and billets. Its headquarters are in Islamabad. The company produces grade 40 and grade 60 steel

Fazal Steel (Pvt) Limited:

Fazal Steel is based in Islamabad and produces a range of steel products, including billets and rebars. It produces high-quality steel from grade 40 to grade 100. 

Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM):

Located in Karachi, Pakistan Steel Mills is one of Pakistan’s largest state-owned steel producers. In recent years, it has faced financial and operational challenges.

Aisha Steel Mills Limited:

Aisha Steel Mills, also based in Karachi, produces cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel products, including coils and sheets.

International Industries Limited:

This Lahore-based company produces a variety of steel products, including pipes, tubes, and sections.

Mughal Steel:

Mughal Steel, headquartered in Lahore, specializes in manufacturing high-quality steel products, including rebars and girders.

Model Steel Group:

Model Steel Group, located in Lahore, produces steel products, including rebars and sections.

Bilal Steel Mills:

Bilal Steel Mills, based in Lahore, is known for its production of high-quality steel bars and sheets.

Advantages of Steel

Strong and long-lasting:

Steel is incredibly strong and durable, making it ideal for structures and products that need to withstand heavy loads or harsh conditions.


It can be easily fabricated into different shapes and sizes, making it suitable for various applications from construction to automotive and machinery.


Steel is highly recyclable, meaning it can be reused without losing its quality. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice.


Steel production has become more sustainable over the years, with reduced energy expenses and emissions.

Attractive design:

Steel can be finished in various ways to achieve different aesthetics, making it an adaptable choice for construction and design applications.

Disadvantages of Steel

Weight: Steel is thick and heavy, making it hard to transport and hold. This weight factor can also limit its use in some applications.

Erosion: While many steel alloys are corrosion-resistant, some types of steel can corrode in certain environments. Proper maintenance and coatings are often required to prevent erosion.

Cost: While steel can be cost-effective over the long term, starting construction costs can be higher than other materials in some cases.

Limited Insulation: Steel is a good conductor of heat, so it may require additional insulation in applications where thermal properties are critical.


  • The workers should follow these precautions.
  • While working on construction sites, use protective helmets. 
  • To prevent skidding, put on shoes with hard soles.
  • To avoid any hand injuries, wear protective gloves.
  •  Handle the Saria rods and steel bars carefully. 

Interesting Info: Construction Material


Iron is a vital part of a building. Every developer wants outstanding steel for the building’s strong foundation and structural stability. The Pakistani economy causes steel prices to increase or decrease regularly and vary from city to city.

The high cost of steel in Pakistan makes it difficult for most people to build their homes, which ultimately impacts their finances. The rising value of the dollar in Pakistan is the cause of this. In order to make building simple and affordable for all, the government needs to pay attention and establish a fair steel rate right now.


Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, often containing other metals like chromium, nickel, or manganese. It’s valued for its hardness, toughness, and resistance to rust. It’s used in various applications, including construction and manufacturing, where strength and durability are essential.

Knowing the current steel rates helps you plan your construction projects. Fluctuations in steel prices can impact your finance and decision-making process.

Steel rates in Pakistan vary based on factors such as location, grade (e.g., grade 40, grade 60), and quantity purchased. Rates can fluctuate daily due to market conditions.

 Steel rates in Pakistan are influenced by factors such as global steel prices, local demand and supply, production costs, and government policies. These factors can cause rates to fluctuate regularly.

Fluctuations in steel rates can significantly impact construction projects in Pakistan. Sudden increases in steel prices can lead to higher construction costs, affecting project prices and timelines. Contractors and developers need to closely monitor steel rates to make informed decisions and maintain potential financial risks.

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  1. […] Steel Rate Today in Pakistan 2023 | Steel/Saria Price Per Kg Today […]

  2. […] Steel Rate Today in Pakistan 2023 | Steel/Saria Price Per Kg Today […]

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  4. I went for buy sariya today and yhe market rate were high deal made on Karachi sariya 60G on 4sutr-283 6sutr-286
    Can you please let me know that deal make worth or i made a mistake. By the way I’m from Zahir per near Rahim yar khan.

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