Steel Rate Today in Pakistan 2023 | Steel Saria Price in Pakistan

Are you searching for today’s updated steel / saria rate list in Pakistan? In the construction of residential or commercial buildings, steel/saria plays an important role. If we see the method of construction, people in old times construct their living places with the use of wood rather than these modern construction materials.

For the time being, the increase in the world population and the development of houses, and buildings speedily causes an increase in the iron demand. Currently, citizens of Pakistan predominantly use 40 and 60-grade steel iron, but their prices vary occasionally, normally people purchase it in kilograms metric tons. 

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The Saria/ steel rate in Pakistan is increasing day by day due to this economical unsustainability and inflation over the past couple of months. Many factories are shutting down their units in Pakistan, which is also the main factor in rising the rates because of less supply and high demand.

Steel Saria rate in Pakistan

Steel Rate Today 1 December, 2023 | Latest Saria Steel Price in Pakistan (Brand Steel Rate list)

Steel Saria Size in Sutar/ mm40 Grade Rate in Kg40 Grade Rate in Ton60 Grade Rate in Kg60 Grade Rate in Ton
3 Sutar / 10 mmRs. 266 Per KgRs. 266,000 Per TonRs. 268 Per KgRs. 268,000 Per Ton
4 Sutar / 12 mmRs. 264 Per KgRs. 264,000 Per TonRs. 266 Per KgRs. 266,000 Per Ton
5 Sutar / 16 mmRs. 264 Per KgRs. 264,000 Per TonRs. 266 Per KgRs. 266,000 Per Ton
6 Sutar / 20 mmRs. 264 Per KgRs. 264,000 Per TonRs. 267 Per KgRs. 267,000 Per Ton
7 Sutar / 22 mmRs. 263 Per KgRs. 263,000 Per TonRs. 266 Per KgRs. 266,000 Per Ton
8 Sutar / 25 mmRs. 264 Per KgRs. 264,000 Per TonRs. 266 Per KgRs. 266,000 Per Ton

Saria Rate in Pakistan Today 1 December, 2023 | Local City Wise Saria Rate Today Per Kg

City Wise Steel Rates40 Grade Rate (Kg)40 Grade Rate (Ton)60 Grade Rate (Kg)60 Grade Rate (Ton)
KarachiRs. 248 Per KgRs. 248,000 Per TonRs. 250 Per KgRs. 250,000 Per Ton
LahoreRs. 244 Per KgRs. 244,000 Per TonRs. 246 Per KgRs. 246,000 Per Ton
MultanRs. 242 Per KgRs. 242,000 Per TonRs. 244 Per KgRs. 244,000 Per Ton
PeshawarRs. 240 Per KgRs. 240,000 Per TonRs. 242 Per KgRs. 242,000 Per Ton
IslamabadRs. 246 Per KGRs. 246,000 Per TonRs. 248 Per KgRs. 248,000 Per Ton
FaisalabadRs. 241 Per KGRs. 241,000 Per TonRs. 243 Per KgRs. 243,000 Per Ton

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The steel rate in Pakistan may vary in your local market because it fluctuates every single day due to an uprising in the rates of the stock exchange market. The above-given rates of steel may be slightly different in your cities depending upon various factors. You must have to check the rates on daily basis before going to purchase.

Steel Mills in Pakistan

Pakistan has produced some of the popular and fastly growing steel mills that are generating tons of iron daily and feeding thousands of jobs. Here is the list of the steel mills:

1. Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM): Located in Karachi, Pakistan Steel Mills is one of the largest state-owned steel producers in Pakistan. It has faced financial and operational challenges in recent years.

2. Amreli Steels Limited: Amreli Steels is a private sector company based in Karachi. It is one of the largest manufacturers of steel reinforcement bars (rebars) in Pakistan.

3. Aisha Steel Mills Limited: Aisha Steel Mills, also based in Karachi, produces cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel products, including coils and sheets.

4. Ittehad Steel: Ittehad Steel is known for manufacturing a wide range of steel products, including rebars and billets. It has its headquarters in Islamabad.

5. International Industries Limited: This Lahore-based company produces a variety of steel products, including pipes, tubes, and sections.

6. Mughal Steel: Mughal Steel, headquartered in Lahore, specializes in manufacturing high-quality steel products, including rebars and girders.

7. Fazal Steel (Pvt) Limited: Fazal Steel is based in Islamabad and produces a range of steel products, including billets and rebars.

8. Model Steel Group: Model Steel Group, located in Lahore, is involved in the production of steel products, including rebars and sections.

9. Bilal Steel Mills: Bilal Steel Mills, based in Lahore, is known for its production of high-quality steel bars and sheets.

How to check Saria Steel Quality?

Checking the quality of steel before buying is important to ensure that it meets the required standards and specifications. Here are some ways to check the quality of steel before buying:

  1. Check for the Steel Grade
  2. Visual Inspection:
  3. Check for Certification:
  4. Check the original invoices
  5. Buy from a reputable buyer.

A good quality saria will be safe and its strong bars will be able to bear major earthquakes. An ordinary man cannot check the quality of whether it is durable or not. Always consult an expert for advice because they have a great experience. The quality is all that matters.

Precautionary measures

These precautionary measures should be followed by the workers.

  1. Use defensive helmets while working on construction sites.                                                                 
  2. Wear hard-soled shoes to avoid skidding.
  3. Use protective hand gloves to avoid any hand injury.
  4. Carry the steel bars and Saria rods carefully.

Pros and Cons of Steel Saria

Steel is a widely used material with numerous advantages and some disadvantages. Here are some of the key pros and cons of steel:

Pros of Steel

Strength and Durability

Steel is known for its exceptional strength, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


Steel can be used in various forms, including beams, pipes, sheets, and wires. Its versatility allows for its use in construction, manufacturing, automotive, and many other industries.

Fire Resistance

Steel is inherently fire-resistant, which is crucial in construction and industrial applications where fire safety is a concern.

Design Flexibility

Steel’s malleability allows for various design possibilities, making it a preferred choice for architects and engineers.

Cons of Steel


Steel is dense and heavy, which can make it challenging to transport and handle. This weight factor can also limit its use in some applications.


While many steel alloys are corrosion-resistant, some types of steel can corrode in certain environments. Proper maintenance and coatings are often required to prevent corrosion.


While steel can be cost-effective over the long term, initial construction costs can be higher than alternative materials in some cases.

Limited Insulation

Steel is a good conductor of heat, so it may require additional insulation in applications where thermal properties are critical.


Steel is a crucial component of construction buildings. For the durability of the structure and the strong base of the building, every developer desires an extraordinary quality of steel. The steel price in Pakistan vary from city to city and it changes frequently because of inflation in Pakistan.

Steel Rate Today in Pakistan is very costly due to which most of the people are unable to construct their houses with ease and eventually their budget got affected. The reason behind this is rising of dollar price in Pakistan. Government should take notice and set a reasonable steel rate so that construction become easy and reachable to everyone.


After independence, there were few factories but now it’s around 20+ steel mills in Pakistan.

There are many steel mills but few are best known for their production.

 1 Pakistan steel mills

 2 Amreeli steels

 3 Mughal Steels

Well, if you’re going to construct a single-story 5-marla house you need around 1200-1500kg of steel. If Saria price in Pakistan goes down then people use less saria due to cost.

Usually, the rates of all steel companies are the same but Pakistani steel mills are the ones from which you can get in good rates.

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