LPG Gas Today 21 May, 2024 Price in Pakistan | Gas Cylinder Price

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Today the LPG Gas Price in Pakistan set by OGRA is 258 rupees per KG. this is the latest price of gas by OGRA. Weather the Market Price of LPG gas is 320 rupees per KG. According to this price if we want to by a Domestic Cylinder that is of 12kg than the Cylinder Price will be 3,720 rupees.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) refers to any combination of Propane, Butene, and Butane found in liquid form; collectively these are known as LPG. Since it first emerged as a portable fuel source in 1860, its production and usage has expanded both domestically and industrially. Alongside Ethane and Ethylene in commercial mixes of LPG is volatile mercaptan, an aromatic flavor enhancer often added as a security measure.

Through absorption technology, “WET” natural gas that is, gas with condensable heavy petroleum compounds is converted to LPG through absorption processes. Because LPG has such a low point of boiling it must first be distilled to remove lighter fractions before being further processed to remove carbon dioxide, water and hydrogen sulfur compounds.

It is well-known, LPG gas is widely utilized in Pakistan to cook and heat, though the costs have risen recently. Many are curious to learn about Pakistan’s LPG currency rates as a result, such as what price to purchase LPG gas in Pakistan initially? Price of LPG gas vary with the weight.

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LPG Gas Price in Pakistan

LPG Gas Price in Pakistan Today 21 May, 2024 | LPG rate Today & Gas Cylinder Price in Pakistan

LPG Gas QuantityPrice in Pkr
LPG Rate Per KgRs. 258
LPG Rate 12 Kg CylinderRs. 3,096
LPG Rate 45.4 Kg CylinderRs. 11,713

LPG Gas Cylinder Price | All Gas Cylinder Price in Pakistan

Gas Cylinder SizePurposePrice in Pkr
4 Kg Cylinder RateSmall home useRs. 3900
6 Kg Cylinder RateHome useRs. 7500
12 Kg Cylinder RateKitchen useRs. 9500
45 Kg Cylinder RateCommerical useRs. 19,000
55 Kg Cylinder RateCar/vehicle useRs. 32,000

Factors Affect the LPG Price in Pakistan

LPG costs and prices in Pakistan depend upon several key components. These factors are:

World Crude Oil Price Trends: You are likely aware that LPG is produced as byproduct from crude oil refining process, and market fluctuations affecting this sector impact LPG prices directly in Pakistan. Pakistani LPG imports make up a considerable proportion of local LPG market prices; therefore, local market prices may fluctuate according to changes in exchange rates between currencies; hence the possibility exists that LPG prices might rise when currency values decline and vice versa when they do.

Transport Costs: Assume LPG is being transported into a port from outside, its final retail price may still rise due to transportation expenses between ports and distribution hubs across the country, leading to increased LPG prices as transport costs escalate.

Taxes and Regulations: Government regulation also has a role here! Depending on its laws and regulations, LPG prices could fluctuate depending on tax rates or charges levied against it – increasing taxes could see your cost go up.

Changes in Weather: In Winters You Should Prepare in winters, as LPG becomes even more of an essential commodity to heat homes than usual – you should be prepared for rising LPG rates during this season!

Weather Report: Mother Nature can be unpredictable! Extreme weather events can have serious ramifications on LPG prices by impacting transportation and supply.

In Pakistan alone, daily stories of explosions in gas tanks that have resulted in deaths are reported.

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Following table is showing the Gas Price in KG

Read on to gain more insight into Pakistan’s LPG gas prices. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is often used for cooking, heating and powering various appliances in homes and offices alike. LPG fuel is an extremely convenient liquid fuel option. In order to keep it at an optimum level of compression, LPG tanks or cylinders must remain under pressure, and when needed just connect one directly to your heater, stove, or other device.

Top LPG Suppliers in Pakistan

  • PSO
  • Pak Engineering and Automation
  • CIBA Enterprises Pvt Ltd
  • Parco Pearl Gas
  • H&H LPG
  • Lub Gas
  • Noor LPG


It is imperative that we adhere to certain safety precautions when handling LPG gas cylinders. 

Rather than purchasing them directly from local stores, we should purchase from trusted and accredited sellers who adhere to safety standards.

Handle gas cylinders carefully and set them down securely at their chosen locations without mishandling or moving incorrectly. To prevent gas leakage, ensure all openings on the cylinder walls have been completely sealed off before placing it back into storage.

Finally, ensure LPG cylinders are kept out of direct sunlight and located in an area with good ventilation.

Be wary when filling LPG cylinders to their maximum level as this can create excessive pressure and lead to their explosion. To protect against an unexpected scenario and ensure safety is preserved it is wise to keep fire extinguishers nearby your gas tank.


We hope this information can assist with finding Pakistani LPG gas rates. Please be aware that prices could change regularly depending on OGRA Pakistan’s rate list. So, prices could change every 15 days or month. Unfortunately, middle class individuals often cannot afford LPG due to its dramatic cost increases in recent years.


  1. Q: What is the current price of LPG Gas in Pakistan?

    Answer: The current Price of LPG Gas in Pakistan, As set by OGRA, is 258 per kg. However, the market price may vary and is currently around 310 rupees per kg.

  2. Q: How much does a Domestic LPG Cylinder Cost in Pakistan?

    Answer: A domestic LPG cylinder in Pakistan, which is typically 12kg, would cost around 3720.0 rupees at the current market price of 310 rupees per kg.

  3. What factors Affect the Price of LPG Gas in Pakistan?

    The price of LPG gas in Pakistan is influenced by several factors, including trends in world crude oil prices, exchange rates, transport costs, taxes and regulations, and changes in weather. These factors can lead to fluctuations in LPG prices.

  4. Who are the top LPG Suppliers in Pakistan?

    Some of the top LPG suppliers in Pakistan include PSO, Pak Engineering and Automation, CIBA Enterprises Pvt Ltd, H&H LPG, Parco Pearl gas, Lub Gas, and Noor LPG.

  5. How can I ensure safety when using LPG Gas Cylinders?

    To ensure safety when using LPG gas cylinders, purchase from trusted and accredited sellers, handle cylinders carefully, ensure proper ventilation, and keep cylinders out of direct sunlight.

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