PPRC Pipe Price in Pakistan 20 May, 2024 | PPRC Pipes Fitting Rates

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Are you searching for a list of updated Pprc pipe price in Pakistan? Look no further you’re at the right spot. The plumbing industry in Pakistan has witnessed a significant shift towards modern and efficient piping systems, with PPRC (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) pipes gaining immense popularity. These advanced plastic pipes have revolutionized how water is fetched in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, offering a range of advantages over traditional materials.

As the demand for PPRC pipes continues to rise, it becomes essential to delve into the crucial aspect of pricing. In this article, we will explore the factors influencing PPRC pipe price in Pakistan, providing insights into the cost dynamics and the value they offer for plumbing solutions in the country.

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Pprc pipes are made from high-quality random copolymer polypropylene, which exhibits excellent properties such as high chemical resistance, durability, and thermal stability.

Pprc pipes price in Pakistan

These pipes are widely used for plumbing, water supply, and heating systems, as well as in industrial and agriculture sectors. Its easy installation makes them a preferred choice for plumbing. PPRC pipes are a reliable and cost-effective solution for transporting fluids widely.

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PPRC Pipe Rate Today in Pakistan 20 May, 2024 | PPRC Pipes and Fittings Price List

Brand Price for 25mmPrice for 32mm Price for 40mm
Popular Pipes (PN-16)Rs. 890Rs. 1,050Rs. 2200
Popular Pipes (PN-20)Rs. 950Rs. 1,220Rs. 2500
Turk Plast (PN-16)Rs. 900Rs. 1350Rs. 2350
Dura Flow (PN-16)Rs. 950Rs. 1120Rs. 2100
Adam Jee Pipes (PN-16)Rs. 790Rs. 1080Rs. 2050
Adam Jee Pipes (PN-20)Rs. 830Rs. 1,130Rs. 2150

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Pprc Pipe Price in Pakistan Today | PPRC Accessories Rate List

PPRC FittingsPrice of 25mmPrice of 32mm
PlugRs. 20Rs. 30
End CapRs. 25Rs. 35
ElbowRs. 30Rs. 50
Socket Rs. 20Rs. 35
TeeRs. 35Rs. 55
Union PlainRs. 80Rs. 110
Over CrossRs. 60Rs. 80
Gate ValueRs. 450Rs. 650

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PPRC Pipe Size Chart in Detail

Size in mmOutside Diameter ThicknessWeight

PPRC Suppliers in Pakistan

  1. Popular Pipes
  2. Adam Jee
  3. Turk Plast
  4. Dura Flow
  5. Glaxay Pprc
  6. Euro Gulf
  7. Fast Flow Pipes
  8. Master Pipes (Pvt)

Usage of PPRC Pipes

  • The purpose of PPRC pipes is to provide a reliable and efficient means of fluid transportation.
  • The primary usage of PPRC pipes is to ensure the safe and efficient conveyance of fluids, including potable water, hot water, chemicals, and gases.
  • These pipes are designed to meet the needs of plumbing, water supply, and heating systems for residential and commercial use. 
  • The use of PPRC pipes is to provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for fluid transportation.

PPRC Pipes Manufacturing Process

These pipes are typically made through extrusion, which involves melting and shaping the raw material into the desired pipe form. Here’s a general overview of how PPRC pipes are made:

Raw Material Selection: The primary raw material used in PPRC pipe manufacturing is polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer.

Preparation: The selected polypropylene resin is subjected to various pre-processing steps, including drying and mixing with additives such as stabilizers, pigments, and antioxidants.

Extrusion: The prepared polypropylene material is fed into an extrusion machine. The extruder consists of a barrel with a screw mechanism. The barrel is heated to melt the polypropylene resin, and the screw mechanism moves the molten material forward.

Pipe Shaping: As the molten polypropylene moves through the extruder, it reaches a specially designed die. Then molten material is shaped into pipes using the die.

Cooling procedure: Once the pipe shape is formed, the extruded pipe passes through a water-cooling bath or a spray-cooling system, and the desired pipe shape is acquired.

Marking and Printing: If necessary, the PPRC pipes may undergo a marking or printing process to include relevant information, such as the manufacturer’s name, size, and other specifications. This helps with identification and quality purpose. 

Packaging: Once the pipes pass the quality control tests, they are typically cut to the desired lengths and packaged for storage and transportation.

Advantages of PPRC Pipes

  • PPRC pipes have excellent durability and strong grip
  • These pipes are commonly used in plumbing systems for hot and cold water supply.
  • PPRC pipes are lightweight compared to traditional metal pipes, making them easier to handle, transport, and install.
  • These Pipes have a long life span of 50 years.
  • Pprc pipes are also used in filtration, irrigation, and industrial systems.

Disadvantages of PPRC Pipes

  • PPRC pipes are available in a limited size range as compared to other piping materials.
  • These pipes can be relatively more expensive than other traditional plastic or metal pipes.
  • PPRC pipes may not be suitable for applications involving very high-temperature fluids or steam.


If you’re going to build a house in Pakistan and looking for pipes for water supply, then these pipes are highly recommended as per the hot weather of this region. In this article, you can get Pprc pipe prices in Pakistan with its available sizes in the market.

(Polypropylene Random Copolymer) pipes offer a range of beneficial features that make them popular for plumbing and water supply systems. Their durability, chemical resistance, thermal stability, and smooth inner surface contribute to their long service life and efficient operation.

We are not manufacturing and selling pipes. We are just guiding features and updated prices of pipes. Don’t rely on single sources; visit the market for reasonable yet A-one quality pipes.


The estimated Pprc price in Pakistan is about Rs. 800 to Rs. 3000 depending on the size of the pipe and brand

Yes, PPRC pipes are considered environmentally friendly. They are made from polypropylene, which is a recyclable plastic.

Yes, PPRC pipes can be used for underground applications. However, it is important to ensure proper installation and protection to prevent damage.

The life span of these pipes is about 50 years. It works efficiently without any risk of damage. 

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