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Are You Searching for Inverex Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan? Here, you will be able to learn all the different kinds of Inverex solar panels along with the current prices. Different inverex solar panel price in Pakistan is in between 7,190 to 18,020. It varies with power. The 250 watt panel price in Pakistan is 21,499. Solar price of 325 watt power in Pakistan is 32,490. Solar panels offer one of the best ways of generating electricity without noise pollution and luxurious use. moreover, these affordable energy solutions do not rely on external energy sources like generators for their output power source.

Inverex Solar Panels

Inverex Solar Panels have become one of the top solar panel brands available in Pakistan. Are you searching for an Inverex solar panel and wondering about its price in Pakistan? For more details about their price point, be conscious!

Construction of Inverex Solar Panels

Inverex solar panels are designed to be installed on rooftops or other locations where they can absorb sunlight as much as possible. Each Inverex panel consists of small solar cells made up of special silicon material similar to stars which convert light energy into electrical power.

Sunlight hits solar panels and triggers cells within them to produce direct current (DC) electricity – perfect for all areas in your home or office! Inverex Solar Panels stand out as durable products constructed using tough materials.

inverex solar panel price in Pakistan

How is the material of inverex solar panels well?

Solar panels from Inverex Solar Systems can resist snow, rain and all other weather conditions without becoming damaged, lasting several years with sun-resistant materials to make sure you never need to worry about their failure. 

Well organized

Inverex panels have proven to be efficient energy solutions.

All solar cells are efficient at turning sunlight into electricity, and this process is vital as more electricity produced means lowered monthly bills – meaning you get some cash while doing good for the environment!

Inverex Solar Panel Price in Pakistan Today 22 May, 2024 | Vertex Solar Panel Rate List

Model NameEnergyPrice in Pkr
Inverex Veyron Mppt1.2 KwRs. 80,000
Inverex Veyron Mppt2.5 KwRs. 110,000
Inverex Veyron Mppt3.2 KwRs. 180,000
Inverex Veyron Mppt E8 KwRs. 352,000
Inverex Veyron Mppt || 48V6 KwRs. 295,000
Nitrox 3 Phase Pv10 KwRs. 335,000
Nitrox 3 Phase 3 Pv35 KwRs. 600,000
Fronius Smart Meter 3 Phase50-KARs. 30,000

Factors Affecting Solar Panel Pricing in Pakistan

Numerous factors influence the cost of solar panels today in Pakistan. I will go over each aspect directly.

Just like with any product, when there is enough demand in the market for Inverex solar panels but insufficient supply it will affect their price considerably. Even if global demand increases more drastically than anticipated it may still impact prices locally in Inverex.

Import Duties and Taxes

Many solar panels sold in Pakistan are imported, which means that their prices may change due to changes in taxes, duties or trade regulations.

Exchange Rates

 Panels don’t come directly from Pakistan. Instead, they require importation from countries outside. Therefore, currency’s exchange rates have a wide impact over their cost. Inverex solar panels come at a premium due to this factor.

Government incentives and subsidies

 Pakistan may offer tax credits, incentives or subsidies that encourage solar energy use – making solar panel panels less costly to users.

Technological Advancements

Modern, more efficient solar panel technologies tend to be more costly than earlier and less-efficient versions.

Qualitative and Reputable Brands

High-quality panels made by well-known brand names may cost more.

Installation Costs

Solar panels come with installation costs that depend on their complexity and local labor rates, with costs differing according to where you live in terms of both complexity and labor rates.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Two other factors that determine the price of solar panels are their warranty and after-sales assistance services. Those offering longer warranties with superior assistance might incur higher upfront costs.

Pakistan Is Home of Inverex Solar Panel Dealers

Inverex solar panel can be found from various suppliers operating locally. Simply visit your market to locate reliable dealers that specialize in this brand of solar panel. Some of the best manufacturers of Inverex solar panels are listed below.

Inverex Solar can all provide valuable advantages over competing brands of solar panels. Inverex offers excellent advantages of Inverex solar technology that are unmatched.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inverex Solar Technology


  • Inverex solar inverters are among the most efficient and productive solar inverters available today.
  • Trusted Solar Company with a long track record in producing premium quality solar panels
  • Inverex offers products backed by extensive warranties.
  • Inverex offers a wide range of solutions with different dimensions, energy wattages and costs to meet every need.


  • Inverex solar panels may be more costly than comparable brands on the market.
  • Resale markets can be volatile, 
  • You may not get a fair cost when reselling,
  • Many customers tend to purchase new inverters when necessary.

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The price of Inverex solar panels in Pakistan varies, with power and depends on your requirements, preferences and other considerations. Simply calculate your energy consumption before calculating installation cost before buying from any source or dealer; be sure that they offer reliable after-sales support as this is of vital importance for inverters with warranty policies. Inverex solar panels can be easily monitored by mobile phone or laptop from anywhere around the globe, giving you access to track their progress online right now.


What are the current prices of Inverex Solar Panels in Pakistan?

Inverex solar panel prices in Pakistan range from 7,190 to 18,020 PKR, varying based on the panel’s power output.

Are there different types of Inverex solar panels available, and how do their prices vary?

Yes, there are various types of Inverex solar panels available, with prices varying based on their voltage and specifications.

How do Inverex Solar Panels compare to other brands in terms of pricing and quality?

Inverex Solar Panels are competitively priced and known for their high quality and efficiency compared to other brands.

What factors influence the pricing of Inverex Solar Panels in Pakistan?

Factors such as global market trends, import duties, exchange rates, government incentives, and technological advancements affect the pricing of Inverex Solar Panels in Pakistan.

Where can I find reliable dealers of Inverex Solar Panels in Pakistan?

Reliable dealers of Inverex Solar Panels in Pakistan include Pak Solar Traders, Delux Solar, PowerX Solar, Xtreme Solar, Premier Energy Pvt Ltd, and DGK7 Solar Systems.

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