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Are you looking for the Latest Bajri Crush price in Pakistan? We’ve collected data and rate lists from all over the country and enlist for your ease.

Crush/ bajri, also known as aggregate or gravel, is a common material used in construction for a variety of applications, such as road bases, concrete, and houses. It is one of the necessities for building homes and other buildings, so you’ll need to know the updated prices of it before you begin construction.

In Pakistan, It is typically sold by weight, with the price varying based on the type, size, and quantity purchased. To ensure the quality of Crush/ bajri used in construction, it is important to source the material from a reputable supplier who adheres to industry standards and regulations.

Crush bajri price in Pakistan

Crush Price with its types, size, quantity, and rate is given below, you can read and get an idea of the market price of bajri.

Crush Price Latest Price List [current_date] | Bajri Rate in Pakistan Today

Crush TypeSizeWeight/ QuantityPrice in Pkr
Sargodha Bajri2 soter1 Cubic Feet Rs. 120
Sargodha Bajri2 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )Rs. 24000
Sargodha Bajri2 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)Rs. 108,000
Sargodha Bajri3 soter1 Cubic Feet Rs. 125
Sargodha Bajri3 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )Rs. 25,000
Sargodha Bajri3 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)Rs. 112,500
Margalla Bajri2 soter1 Cubic FeetRs. 130
Margalla Bajri2 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )Rs. 26,000
Margalla Bajri2 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)Rs. 117,000
Margalla Bajri3 soter1 Cubic FeetRs. 135
Margalla Bajri3 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )Rs. 27,000
Margalla Bajri3 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)Rs. 121,500

Disclaimer Note

Crush price in your area may be different from our mentioned prices due to less availability and an increase in the dollar rate. The other reason for the difference in bajri rate is the quality of bajri. So, it’s better to verify from multiple suppliers before you purchase.

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How Bajri is made?

It is made by crushing large rocks or stones into smaller pieces of varying sizes, ranging from fine dust to coarse fragments. The process of forming a crush typically involves blasting or drilling rock formations to extract large chunks of stone or rock. These larger pieces are then fed into a crusher, which uses mechanical force to break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Advantages of Crush

The importance of crush in construction can be seen in several ways

  • Stability

The process of crushing materials helps to ensure that they are packed tightly together, creating a stable base that can support heavy loads without settling or shifting.

  • Durability

Crushed materials are typically more durable than their uncrushed counterparts, as the compression process helps to increase their strength and resistance to wear and tear.

  • Drainage

Crushed materials can be used as a drainage layer to help prevent water from pooling or flooding in certain areas.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Crushed materials are often less expensive than other types of construction materials, making them a cost-effective choice for many projects.

Disadvantages of Crush Bajri

Overall, bajri can be a useful construction material, but it is important to consider its potential negative impacts.

  1. Environmental pollution
  2. Health and safety risks
  3. It is more expensive than mud

Defensive measures

Several preventive measures can be taken to address the potential negative impacts of bajri mining and its use in construction:

  • Workers should wear gloves while working on construction projects
  • Workers  should wear hard-soled shoes
  • Crush bajri should be stored properly to prevent moisture absorption, which can weaken the material and cause it to break down over time.


Bajri is used extensively in construction for a variety of applications, including road building, foundations, walls, and other structures.

In Pakistan, bajri is measured in cubic feet.

Many factors affect the price of crush such as location, supply, demand, and quality.

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