Tr Gardar Rate Today 2023 | Latest Tr Gardar Price in Pakistan

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TR garder is primarily used for supporting roofs of small houses and single-story roofs. It’s economical as it’s not extensively more long-lasting than RCC steel iron rods that are used in large buildings and houses. Tr garders are budget-friendly and cost very low because they are used for houses smaller in size and single-portion apartments.

Tr gardar rate in Pakistan has been changing daily due to poor economic conditions, so it’s better to check prices from our website daily before you purchase. We’ve researched various resources and local markets to find rates so that you can get the right information from us.

Tr gardars are more economical than RCC steel rods because it isn’t extensively long-lasting and can’t be used in large buildings.

Tr Gardar Rate in Pakistan

The updated Price list of Tr Gardar is given below, you can get an estimated idea from here before buying.

Tr Gardar Rate [current_date] | Updated Steel Tr Gardar Price in Pakistan

Serial NoCategoryTr Gardar TypePrice Per Kg
1BrandedTR IronRS. 280-300/Kg
2BrandedGardarRS. 270-290/Kg
3Local TR IronRS. 260-270/Kg
4LocalGardarRS. 250-280/Kg

All the prices are taken from the market and listed here for your ease but these prices may vary due to the inflation rate and dollar rate. Steel companies such as Mughal Supreme, ittehad, ittefaq, and amreli steels are the major brands that are manufacturing the best quality TR gardar in Pakistan.

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Types of TR Gardar in Market

There are two main types of TR gardar used in Pakistan. One is T- iron and the other is gardar or H shaped. The T iron and garder are available in the local market and are sold in foot and per kg weight. So the rates vary according to feet measurement.

Tr Gardar Manufacturers in Pakistan

  1. Pakistan Steel Mills
  2. Mughal Steel Mills
  3. Aisha Steel Limited
  4. Ittefaq Iron
  5. Amreli Steels
  6. Abbas Steel Groups
  7. International Steel Mills

How TR Gardar Is Made?

TR girders are made up of a mixture of iron and steel. The basic steps involved in making TR girders are given:

  • Design and preparation

The design of the TR girders is first prepared, taking into account the load requirements and other specifications. The mold is also designed to the required size and shape.

  • Tensioning of steel cables

High-strength steel cables or rods are tensioned using hydraulic jacks to a specified level of stress, typically between 60% to 80% of their ultimate strength

  • Molding

The tensioned steel cables or rods are then laid out in the mold, which is designed to match the shape and size of the TR girder. The mold is typically made of steel or other high-strength material. the TR girder is ready for use.

How To Check Tr Gardar Quality?

When choosing TR girders for a construction project, several factors should be considered,

1: The load-carrying capacity required.

2: The length and width of the span to be supported.

3: The environmental conditions the girders will be exposed to, and the budget for the project.

Precautionary Measures

When working with steel iron & TR Gardar, it is important to take appropriate preventive measures to ensure safety. Here are some key measures to consider:

  • Wear protective gear
  • Use tools and equipment correctly
  • Handle steel iron carefully
  • Avoid working alone
  • Follow safety protocols
  • Keep Tr gardar away from water


TR girders are commonly used in bridge construction and other infrastructure projects, where their high strength and durability are highly valued. But the rates mentioned here may be slightly different from city to city. On the safe side, you can assist help from an expert.


TR girders, also known as Tapered and Rolled girders, are steel structural components used in the construction of roofs, bridges, buildings, and other structures. They are made by rolling and tapering steel plates to create a triangular shape that provides strength and rigidity

TR girders are popular in construction for several reasons. They are lightweight, strong, and easy to install, which makes them a cost-effective choice for large-scale projects.

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