Chokhat Price in Pakistan 2023 | Iron Door Frame Rate Today

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In Pakistan, iron chokhat price vary from city to city and frequently change due to economic unsustainability and high demand in construction projects, as it is the most common component used in every house, building, etc. We collect information and update the rate list daily for your ease.

Iron door frame “chokhat” is basically a sturdy and durable frame made of iron that provides support and structure to doors. They are made of iron, which provides a high level of security and fire resistance, making them a reliable option for entrance doors. Iron door frames come in various designs, from simple to decorative, and can be customized to fit any architectural style.

It is the most common type of door frame used in Pakistan. The price can vary depending on factors such as the type of iron used, the size of the frame, and the design. Additionally, the cost can also be influenced by the availability of the quality of iron and the current market conditions.

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Iron door frames have been in use for centuries. In ancient times, iron door frames were used to secure castles and fortresses. The durability and strength of iron made it an ideal material for defending against attacks.

Chokhat Price in Pakistan

Iron Chokhat Price Today [current_date] | Latest Chokhat Rate in Pakistan

Chokhat SizeGauge SizeWall ThicknessPrice in Pkr
Size 3.5×7149” inchRs. 13500
Size 3.5×7169” inchRs. 10000
Size 3.5×7189” inchRs. 8000
Size 3.5×7209” inchRs. 6500
Chokhat SizeGauge SizeWall ThicknessPrice in Pkr
Size 3.5×7144” inchRs. 7000
Size 3.5×7164” inchRs. 6000
Size 3.5×7184” inchRs. 5000
Size 3.5×7204” inchRs. 4000
Size 3.5×7224” inchRs. 3000

Disclaimer Note

The Chokhat Price in your area may be different due to factors such as availability of material, labor cost, and material cost. We don’t deal in any kind of buying and selling of chokhat, we just list updated price lists daily so that you can get an idea of prices before buying through the local market.

Type of Door Frames

  1. Iron door frame
  2. Standard Iron Door Frame
  3. Welded Iron Door Frame
  4. Wooden Chokhat
  5. Aluminum Chokhat

Precautionary measure

Here are some precautionary measures you should take regarding while applying iron door frames

  • Select the door frames of durable iron
  • Workers should be professional and they must use safety equipment
  • Iron frames should not be bought too many days in advance to avoid rust

Advantages of Chokhat

  • Chokhat provides structural support to the door or window and helps to distribute the weight of the door or window evenly across the building’s walls.
  • These are generally made of strong materials such as wood, PVC, or metal, which makes them durable and long-lasting.
  • They can withstand harsh weather conditions and protect the door or window from wear and tear.
  • It can provide an extra layer of security to a building. They can be fitted with locks or security systems to prevent unauthorized access to the building through the doors or windows.
  • It is mostly used and easily available in the local market at a very low cost compared to the aluminum frame

Disadvantages of Chokhat

  • Water can easily cause it to rust
  • It’s heavy in weight than the aluminum frames


It is important to note that these are estimated Chokhat Price , and the actual prices may vary depending on the location and vendor. It is always best to research the market prices of chokhats in your area and compare prices from different vendors before making a purchase.


A chokhat is a frame or casing around a door or window that provides structural support and helps to distribute the weight of the door or window evenly across the building’s walls.

Chokhats can be made of various materials such as wood, PVC, aluminium, or metal, depending on the requirements and budget.

To choose the right size of chokhat, measure the dimensions of your door or window opening and select that fits snugly around it.

Yes, chokhats can be customized to match the decor of your building. They come in different designs and styles, and you can choose one that complements the overall look and feel of your building.

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