3 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan 2023

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3 Marla house construction cost in Pakistan varies from city to city and depends on the quality of construction material you choose for your house. In big cities of Pakistan, the construction cost will be higher compared to small cities because you can get cheap labor in small cities. Most of the investors in Pakistan use low-quality materials in construction which costs them low because their end goal is to sell the house eventually and make a higher profit.

The cost is affected by material quality, design, area you want to cover, and labor cost. Before estimating the cost, first, clarify the plot size in your region, the total stories you are planning to build, the specification regarding luxurious features you want in your house, the quality of material, labor, and other expenses. Calculate all these expenses, and you can estimate the overall cost of 3 Marla houses.

Today’s average cost of 3 marla houses is almost Rs. 1600 to Rs. 2000 per sq feet for grey structure and Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000 with complete finishing. Furthermore, in this article, we have discussed in detail about every material you have to use in constructing a three-marla house in Pakistan with a grey structure and complete finishing.

In the market, there are several qualities of material used; we have mentioned all the qualities and grades. Now it’s up to you which one you prefer to use in your three marla house.

3 Marla house construction cost in Pakistan

3 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan Today [current_date] | Cost and Details

3 Marla Single Story House Construction Cost

MaterialPrice in Pkr
Grey Structure CostRs. 13 Lac to 15 Lac
Finishing CostRs. 15 Lac to 18 Lac
Complete CostRs. 28 Lac to 33 Lac

3 Marla Double Story Construction Cost

MaterialPrice in Pkr
Grey Structure CostRs. 23 Lac to 25 Lac
Finishing CostRs. 25 Lac to 28 Lac
Complete CostRs. 50 Lac to 57 Lac

Construction Material Details and Price for 3 Marla House

Bricks1528,000Rs. 420,000
Sand Chenab721100Rs. 79,200
Cement1100350Rs. 385,000
Steel2701250 KgRs. 337,500
Crush Bajri140800Rs. 112,000
Electrical WorkRs. 335,000
ChokhatRs. 130,000
MarbleRs. 170,000
SanitaryRs. 380,000
Aluminum WindowsRs. 120,000
Pvc PipesRs. 28,000
Upvc PipesRs. 20,000
Water PumpRs. 25,000
Paint505000Rs. 250,000
Main GateRs. 120,000
Kitchen Rs. 250,000
BathroomRs. 90,000
Roof Insulation24085Rs. 20,400
Water Proofing11083Rs. 9,130
Labor CostRs. 355,000
Miscellaneous CostRs. 150,000

If you have a high budget and want more accommodation, you should go for 5 marla house in Pakistan. It will cost you 20 to 40 Lac more from 3 marla house but have more space and area.


These prices can differ from your local market and may need to be precisely more accurate. We try our best to provide you latest and updated rates. The above price list and breakdown of items is for 3 marla double-story houses as per 272 sq ft per marla. You can get a 90% idea of the budget from this table and rate list if you’re constructing 3 Marla houses in Pakistan. Let us know if you find any product pricing different in your local market.

Area Covered in 3 Marla House

Marla is a unit of land primarily used in Pakistan and different Asian countries. Generally, three types of area measurement are used in Pakistan regarding square feet. One marla equals 225 sq ft, 250 sq ft, and 272 sq ft used in Pakistan. Every city and town has its own measurements in terms of sq ft. They decided on their own. DHA and Bahira town offers 250 sq ft per marla, whereas government societies of Pakistan, like servant societies, have 225 sq ft per marla. The primarily used amd old measurement is 272 sq per marla in Pakistan.

Basic Framework of 3 Marla House

The basic framework includes the cost of the grey structure, the plumbing cost, the entire electrical wiring connection cost, the floor leveling cost, the foundation and building, and the plastering of walls. 

  • Bricks and cement cost
  • Architect cost
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical connection. 
  • Building of walls. 

Grey Structure Cost in 3 Marla House

The grey structure of a house refers to the primary and essential construction elements or framework of the building. As its name suggests, the grey structure includes all the material in grey. These are the materials needed in a grey structure building.

  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Bricks
  • Sand
  • Bajri

The cost of a grey structure 3-marla house in Pakistan varies and depends on the quality of products you select; the cheaper the material, the lower your overall price for a grey structure will be. Usually, the cost of a grey structure per square foot is Rs. 1500 to Rs. 1800. Now it’s up to you which plot measurement you choose, 225 per sq ft or 272.

Cost of Finishing Material in 3 Marla House

Any house’s finishing cost can never be fixed or determined by any person. It depends on which type of design and finish you’re looking for. It can go from minimum to maximum level, depending on your choice. Generally, the finishing phase of 3 Marla houses can take time because you have to select what suits your home best. The cost of finishing material per sq ft is Rs. 1700 to Rs. 2000, and so on, depending on your choice of selection and design preference. The finshing material of the house contains several things, a few of them are:

  • Marble, Tiles
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Paint
  • Doors, Main Gate
  • Ceiling Works
  • Kitchen, washroom etc

Sanitary Items and Cost

Sanitary items are one of the essential parts of any house as it contains the overall water supply, including pipes, washroom accessories, the kitchen, and the water system of the whole building. You have to be very careful in choosing sanitary products because the leakage of one pipe can damage the whole system of that particular area.

The cost of sanitary products varies and cannot remain constant. It all depends on your budget and choice of material. The average cost of sanitary products, including the labor cost in 3 Marla houses, is around 2 to 3 lacs. Necessary items in sanitary products include,

  • Water Pump
  • Water Tank
  • Water Supply Pipes
  • Pvc Pipes
  • PPRC pipes
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Water accessories

Labour Cost

Labor cost in 3 Marla houses depends on the location and city. In bigger cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, etc., the average daily labor costs are comparatively higher than in smaller cities. This labor cost depends on your research and good contacts. If you can manage to get good labor, it will save you money and time, and as a result, it can give you great work. Taking time and finding a good team or labor for your site project will be good practice. The total cost of labor work from grey structure to finishing of 3 marla house is between 3 to 5 lacs depending on the factors we’ve discussed above.


Before starting work on 3 marla houses in Pakistan, complete research and get updated rates from local markets or shops. This will give you exact information and an idea of the total cost of your upcoming project. This blog was all about double-story 3 Marla house construction costs in Pakistan. We have covered all the necessary aspects and included every little detail of information you should know before starting your house.

This cost can never be fixed or 100% accurate as the material we have listed is of average quality, not the lower one or higher. Selecting low-quality work will cost you low, but the material will not be long-lasting. We suggest choosing the best quality material for your house to avoid regular maintenance after living there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total cost of 3 Marla house in Pakistan?

Today, as we all know, construction materials rates are going high daily due to inflation and the increase in dollar prices. The total cost of 3 Marla houses is almost Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000 per sq ft, depending on the quality of material you choose.

What is the construction cost per square ft in Pakistan?

Double story 3 marla house construction cost per square feet is almost Rs. 3500 to Rs. 4500 for high quality material.

How much steel used in 3 Marla double story house?

In 3 marla double story house, almost 3 tons steel will be used

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