5 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan 2023

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Building a home is a dream cherished by many in Pakistan. Among the most popular house sizes, the 5 marla house holds a special place due to its affordability and manageable size. In Pakistan, the land cost is still cheaper than building material rates; even some big societies offer plots on monthly installments, which is affordable, but all the major budget consumes on construction.

Like other investors or house builders, you’re also looking for 5 marla house construction costs in Pakistan? In this article, we will discuss in detail the material used and quantity for 5 Marla house. The construction material cost may vary because of the different rates in cities.

Due to inflation and economic instability in Pakistan, construction material rates are increasing daily. Today, the average cost of 5 marla single story house is Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000 per sq ft, and it goes up depending on the selection of material you prefer

5 marla house construction cost in Pakistan

5 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan Today [current_date]

5 Marla Single Story House Construction Cost

MaterialPrice in Pkr
Grey Structure CostRs. 22 Lac to 24 Lac
Finishing CostRs. 20 Lac to 25 Lac
Complete CostRs. 40 Lac to 45 Lac

5 Marla Double Story Construction Cost

MaterialPrice in Pkr
Grey Structure CostRs. 30 Lac to 35 Lac
Finishing CostRs. 30 Lac to 33 Lac
Complete CostRs. 65 Lac to 75 Lac

Construction Material Details and Price for 5 Marla House

Bricks1550,000Rs. 750,000
Sand Chenab603150Rs. 189,000
Cement1100525Rs. 577,500
Steel2983 TonRs. 337,500
Crush Bajri1401300Rs. 182,000
Electrical WorkRs. 435,000
ChokhatRs. 210,000
MarbleRs. 295,000
SanitaryRs. 400,000
Aluminum WindowsRs. 180,000
Pvc PipesRs. 38,000
Upvc PipesRs. 35,000
Water PumpRs. 25,000
Paint508000Rs. 400,000
Main GateRs. 120,000
Kitchen Rs. 350,000
BathroomRs. 140,000
Roof Insulation24085Rs. 30,400
Water Proofing11083Rs. 13,130
Labor CostRs. 495,000
Miscellaneous CostRs. 200,000

These prices may be subject to change and could be different from the market because of inflation and the increase in dollar prices in Pakistan. We try our best to update you daily, but rates in the local market are sometimes slightly different as every supplier also sells with their profit. The best way is to complete a market survey before buying any construction material.

If your budget is low and you want a small house, you can go for 3 Marla houses, but before that, it is essential to check 3 Marla house construction costs in Pakistan so that you have a proper idea and planning before starting your dream house.

Area Covered in 5 Marla House

Marla is used as the standard unit of area in Pakistan. One Marla is equivalent to 225 square feet, 250 square feet, and 272 square feet, depending on the location and town. DHA has 250 sq ft per marla, and so on, every society and town decided on their own to set the measurement of one marla.

In a 5 marla single story house, there is almost 1350 square feet area available for construction. According to modern day construction, all the area occupied for 5 marla houses. The covered area can include rooms, living spaces, bathrooms, and other indoor areas of the house.

The architecture designed the house to accommodate a family, having 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, a lounge, a guest room, and a garage.

Construction Material Used

Standard high-quality construction material is 5 to 8% more costly than low-quality material. High-quality material, although highly priced, is also long-lasting. The durability of the house increases if you choose high-end quality construction material. The average cost of construction materials varies from city to city. It is approximately between 40lacs to 60lacs for 5 marla double-story house.

Grey Structure Cost in 5 Marla House

The grey structure is a fundamental and initial component of any building. Construction in every house starts with grey structure material, which includes steel, cement, bricks, sand, clay etc. Nowadays, after inflation in Pakistan, the cost of the grey structure increased severely, and the prices of each material touched the sky. It affects the overall cost of a grey-structure house.

Most investors buy a plot, build a simple grey structure house and sell it at a reasonable price; this is also a suitable business module for many. The average cost of grey structure material is almost Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 per square ft, depending on the quality of material you prefer.

Finishing Material Cost for 5 Marla house

The finishing material includes the items that give the house a luxurious look. It makes it look elegant. The cost of finishing materials can vary according to your choice. It includes tiles, marble, paint, windows, doors, locks, and many more. The cost of finishing materials again depends on the location, your personal preference, the quality of the material and many other factors. The average price per square foot of finishing material for a 5-marla house is Rs. 1700 to Rs. 2200 in different cities of Pakistan.

Labour Cost

The labour cost depends on the project size and the period you want it to be finished. If you want to complete it in less time, then 8 to 10 labours will require. The expert labour works efficiently. The labour cost is 1000 to 1200 per square foot for a complete 5 Marla house project. Also, you can acquire labour on a daily basis, which costs you Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 in most of the cities of Pakistan.

Final Words

So in this time of inflation, before starting the project, negotiate the construction material wholesaler for prices to buy material in bulk on reasonable rates. Another important thing is donot compromise on Quality because it ensures the liability of house for many years. As it is a long term investment. The prices mentioned above are up to date. But they may vary in your city.

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  1.  What is the cost of building a 5 marla house?

    The cost of building a 5 marla house is approximately 40 to 45 lacs, except for the plot.

  2. Does quality of Grey material really matters? 

    Yes, it does matter. High quality ensures the longevity of your house.

  3. Is finishing material essential component in 5 marla house?

    It comes after the basic neend such as electricity wiring, plumbing and paints. It depend on you whether you want A1 finishing material or A quality. Because it enhances the look of overall house. So select it according to your budget.

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