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Are you searching for the latest price of a water pump in Pakistan? Ok! Here we are in listing the latest prices of water pumps in Pakistan. Golden Pumps are the most efficient pump supplier company. The prices of golden pumps are in between 20,000 to hundreds of thousands. By knowing the latest prices, it is easy for you to select the water pump for your use. You can buy a water pump according to your financial estimate. Before that we should know all about water pumps.

Water pump is a key machine, used to supply water from different sources. Including pumping water from depth of earth, pool, well and other sources. These pumps are in various sizes, designs and types specific for particular needs. Awareness about the various factors that affect the prices of water pumps may be helpful for you when choosing or selecting a water pump before buying.

Water pump price is a very important factor to consider when purchasing one. It is based on the quality, horsepower and aspects. Due to their ability to move and control the flow of water, water pumps are used for many intentions. One main use of a water pump is to supply water to homes, buildings and other locations. These pumps draw water from wells and reservoirs and supply to the required destination. Make Suring a secure water supply for daily life.

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Water pump price in Pakistan

Water Pump Price 21 May, 2024 | Golden Water Pump Rate in Pakistan Today

Pump TypePrice in PkrDetailsModel
Local Golden PumpRs. 13,000Motor 0.3HP, Max Suction (M) 4, Max Head (M) 12LG-05
Golden Multistage PumpsRs. 39,500Motor Required 5HP, RPM 2900, Head (ft) 14~42MS-2
Golden Mono-Block PumpsRs. 19,500Motor 0.5HP, A 2.5, Max Suction (M) 6, Max Head (M) 8~20GMB-1005
Golden Self Priming PumpsRs. 22,500Motor: 0.5HP, A 2.5, Max Suction (M): 2.5, Max Head (M): 32GXP-D1/0.37
Golden Mono Pump Stainless SteelRs. 35,500RPM: 2850, Volt: 220 ~ 240, Capacitor: 12 uF, Head: 19 ~ 12.1GMBS70/0.37

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A high-quality pump “golden water pump” has certain features which make it different from other pumps. If you are in the market to purchase a water pump, it is necessary to research different brands and models to find one that fulfills your needs and budget. To check prices at multiple retailers is a good idea to ensure you buy a fair price.

Types of Water Pumps in Pakistan

There are different types of water pumps that are available in Pakistan 

Hand Pump

A hand pump may serve as an accurate supply of fresh water for food production, cooking, and drinking because they are inexpensive to utilize and manage. Such devices are a common choice for rural areas as they are usually low-cost and easy to install. They are healthier and more affordable as well. In places with a shortage of access to electricity, it is a good option.

Sewage Pump

The main function of sewage pumps is to carry sewage and wastewater from a building’s water supply to a local wastewater treatment center or a septic tank. When gravity is unsuitable to carry sewage away from the building, they are usually used in homes, businesses, and factories. It serves to ensure the safe and effective removal of wastewater. A sewage pump’s price may vary based on its qualities, its limit, and size.

Booster Pump

One type of pump used to increase the water pressure in a system of pipes is called a booster pump. It is usually used in structures with many floors or when there is not enough water pressure to meet needs. Their purpose is to raise the water’s pressure when it flows through the pipes. A booster pump’s price might change according to its size and capacity.

Centrifugal Pump

One kind of pump used for pumping water over a piping system is a centrifugal pump. It works by changing the kinetic energy from a motor’s mechanical energy into water flow through the pump. To meet a number of goals, they are also supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes, including little residential units to huge factories.

Jet Pump

In order to bring water to homes, farms, and other buildings, jet pumps are a type of pump that is frequently used in commercial as well as residential settings. They draw water from a well or other underground source by producing a vacuum, and then they use centrifugal force to pump the water to the surface. In places without access to a water supply from the city or where developing a well would be too costly, jet pumps tend to be utilized. They can offer a stable and efficient water supply for many years with the right maintenance and management.

Solar Pump

Solar pumps are a kind of pump that works on solar energy, which makes them more sensible for the environment than normal pumps. They are frequently utilized in agricultural and agricultural systems, as well as in isolated locations with expensive or insufficient access to energy. It’s important to remember that not every application is a good fit for solar pumps. When the weather is cloudy or there is little sunlight, they could not work as intended. Weather and variation in temperature might also have an effect on their efficiency.

Water Pump Manufacturers in Pakistan

  • Infinity Star Trading
  • Super Asia Water Pumps
  • Castle Pump Limited
  • Ibrahim Water Pumps
  • Hi-Flow Pump Industries
  • Shalimar Submersible Pumps
  • Golden Pumps (PVT) Limited

Tips for Installation and Maintenance of Water Pumps

Over time, contaminants such as dirt can build up on the pump, lowering its efficiency. Keeping the smooth running of the pump can be improved by regularly cleaning its parts with a soft brush or cloth. Ensure that the pump’s power supply remains properly balanced and satisfies the necessary voltages and amperes. You have to frequently check the water pump if you’re going to keep it working at its best performance and durability.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Pump

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using a water pump, keep this in mind before installing it in your home.

Advantages of Water Motor

  • Water pumps are important in a lot of companies, for personal use, and for other uses due to many different advantages. 
  • A lot of water can be moved fast and efficiently throughout great distances with the help of water pumping.
  • Water pumps are simple to use and need little maintenance.
  • They remain for a long time if you perform regular service on them.
  • You may use water motors to supply fresh, pure water for a variety of needs.

Disadvantages of Water Motor

  • The main disadvantage of water pumps is their prices. Not everyone can afford it.
  • They cannot store water. You need to buy water tanks separately to store water.
  • They need a suitable power source. Hence, they run over electricity and make increments in electricity bills. 
  • Some water pumps produce noise pollution and vibration which is irritating.


Water pumps are an useful and important devices for a wide range of uses, which include home drinking water supply and swimming pool maintenance to commercial fluid transportation and crop watering.
Water pumps may provide an effective and durable solution for a variety of water supply needs with the right care and aware use. Depending on the kind, size, and intended application of the pump, water pump costs may vary considerably. It is advisable to go to the market and argue over prices and installation fees with shops.


The price of a water pump can be influenced by several factors, including the type of pump, the size, and the power requirements.

Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of a water pump

It can be used up to 25-30 years depending upon the brand, but regular maintenance is essential for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of a water pump.

The average cost price of a water pump in Pakistan is about 20,000 to 25000 pkr.

In many cases, a water pump can be repaired if it breaks down. However, the cost of repairs and availability of replacement parts can vary depending on the make and model of the pump

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