Air Cooler Price in Pakistan 21 May, 2024 | Latest Room Cooler Price List

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Are you tired of sweltering summer days and the skyrocketing electricity bills that come with running air conditioners all day long? If so, then it’s time to consider a more affordable and energy-efficient cooling solution. Air coolers have gained immense popularity in Pakistan due to their cost-effectiveness and ability to provide efficient cooling in dry climates. In this article, we will explore the air cooler price in Pakistan and help you make a valuable decision.

Air coolers are designed to cool indoor places in the summer season. It is necessary for this hot and humid weather in Pakistan. Room air coolers are particularly popular in dry climates, as they provide cooling and increase humidity, creating a more comfortable indoor environment, which improves the comfort level.

Air coolers have become a budget-friendly, sustainable, and reasonable cooling key for homes, offices, and other indoor places. They are more affordable than air conditioners because Ac price in Pakistan is increasing daily and cost too much electricity bills. That’s why people prefer coolers in the peak summer months.

The Air cooler price in Pakistan can vary depending on various factors such as brand, size, features, and overall build quality. In general, air coolers in Pakistan are available in a wide price range, starting from as low as PKR 10,000 and going up to PKR 50,000 or more for high-end models. Different brands’ cooling capacities, designs, and additional features primarily influence the price variation.

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Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Air Cooler Price in Pakistan Today [current_date] | Room Cooler Rate in Pakistan

BrandModelPrice in PkrSpecification
Asia Lahori Air CoolerAsL-21Rs. 13,000Steel body, Dc motor, Cooling pads
Boss Air CoolerECM 5200Rs. 14,900Plastic body, 50 watts, Dc motor, 22L water tank
Canon Air CoolerCA-6500Rs. 27,500Plastic body, Import quality, Long air throw
Gfc Air CoolerGF-5500 DCRs. 18,300Dc motor, 55L water tank, 175 watts, 1420 rpm speed
Tower Air CoolerECM-1000Rs. 37,000Extra Large Size, 18 inch Fan, Plastic body, 3-year warranty, 90L water tank
Super AsiaECM 6500Rs. 27,00070L water tank, Icebox, energy efficient, honeycomb cooling pad, Noiseless
Portable Air CoolerMin 233Rs. 7,000Mini air cooler, 750 ml water tank, 10W, 1k weight
Symphony industrial coolerSymp-20Rs. 100,000Large Space Venti-Cooling with Duct, custom build-in, extra water tank, best for large buildings

Best Air Cooler Brand in Pakistan

  • Super Asia
  • Boss
  • Canon
  • Gfc
  • Nasgas
  • Anex
  • Hanco
  • Sabro

Types of Air Coolers in Pakistan

There are several types of air coolers available in Pakistan, each with its unique features and advantages. Here are the common types of air coolers found in the Pakistani market:

  1. Plastic Room Cooler
Plastic room cooler

Plastic room coolers in Pakistan are lightweight, durable, and affordable. Their corrosion-resistant plastic construction, portability, and low maintenance make them convenient cooling options. They come in various designs and colors, providing eco-friendly and cost-effective cooling solutions for different room sizes.

  1. Lahori Air Cooler
Lahori Air Cooler

The Lahori Air Cooler is a traditional cooling device popular in Pakistan. It comprises a steel or metal frame with cooling pads and an axial fan. It offers a simple yet effective way to beat the heat. Its traditional design and cultural significance make it a unique and cherished cooling solution in the region. If you want to run air coolers for free, you can also install solar panels, which is a one-time investment but worth it.

  1. Tower Air Cooler
Tower Air Cooler

The Tower Air Cooler is a sleek, vertical cooling device designed for efficient cooling in medium-sized rooms. Its space-saving design provides a powerful airflow while occupying minimal floor space. The Tower Air Cooler offers a modern and convenient cooling solution for contemporary living rooms, with advanced features such as adjustable fan speeds and remote controls.

  1. Mini Portable Air Cooler
Mini Portable air cooler

The Mini Portable Air Cooler is a compact, lightweight cooling device perfect for personal use or small spaces. Its portable design allows easy mobility, making it ideal for travel or moving from room to room. Its convenient size delivers a refreshing breeze while taking up minimal space, providing instant relief from the heat wherever you go.

  1. Symphony industrial cooler
Symphony industrial air cooler

The Symphony Industrial Cooler is a powerful cooling solution designed for industrial and commercial locations. Its robust construction and high cooling capacity effectively cool large areas, warehouses, factories, or outdoor spaces. Equipped with durable components and advanced cooling technology, it provides efficient and reliable cooling performance, ensuring a comfortable environment even in demanding industrial environments.

Features of Air Cooler

  • High cooling capacity
  • Dc Motor
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Icebox compartment
  • Large water tank
  • Plastic weightless body
  • Noiseless working
  • Cooling pads
  • Portability

Advantages of Cooler

  • Energy Efficient: Air coolers consume less energy than air conditioners, lowering electricity bills.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Air coolers use natural evaporation to cool the air, making them more eco-friendly with no harmful refrigerants or greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Portable: Many air coolers come with wheels or handles, making them easy to move around and use in different rooms or outdoor spaces.
  • Cost-effective: Air coolers are generally more affordable to purchase and operate than air conditioning systems.

Disadvantages of Cooler

  • Limited Cooling in Humid Areas: Air coolers are most effective in dry climates as they rely on the evaporation process. In areas with high humidity, their cooling effect may be reduced.
  • Noise Levels: Some air coolers can produce noise due to the operation of the fan and pump, which may be a concern for light sleepers or quiet environments.
  • Limited Cooling Range: Air coolers are most suitable for cooling smaller to medium-sized spaces and may not provide effective cooling in larger areas.
  • Regular Water Refilling: As air coolers rely on water for evaporation, the tank’s water needs to be replenished periodically, especially during extended use or in hot and dry climates.


In conclusion, air coolers offer a cost-effective and energy-efficient cooling solution in Pakistan, particularly in hot and dry climates. With a wide range of models and features available, consumers have options to fit their specific needs and budgets. An average man in Pakistan still can’t afford an air cooler due to increasing electricity, and they prefer ceiling fans in their homes.

While considering the air cooler price in Pakistan, assessing factors such as cooling capacity, durability, and additional features is essential. By making an informed decision based on individual requirements, you can enjoy the benefits of affordable and efficient cooling during the scorching summer months in Pakistan.


Yes, air coolers are generally more cost-effective than air conditioners. They consume less electricity, have lower upfront costs, and require less maintenance, but you can’t compare it with Ac because coolers couldn’t perform well in high temperatures.

While air coolers work best in dry climates, they can still provide some level of cooling in humid areas. However, their effectiveness may be reduced due to the already high moisture content in the air.

It is recommended to clean the cooling pads of an air cooler every 2-4 weeks, or more frequently if you notice a decrease in cooling performance. Regular cleaning helps maintain optimal cooling efficiency.

Air coolers work best in well-ventilated areas as they require proper cross-ventilation to remove humid air and circulate fresh, cool air. It is recommended to have some windows or doors open for better airflow.

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