Fridge Price in Pakistan 21 May, 2024 | Refrigerator Rate in Pakistan

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The fridge is one of the most important parts of our lives. Food, fruits, and vegetables stay fresh in it. It also provides us with cool water in the summer. However, when it comes to the prices of refrigerators, they seem to be increasing very fast because of inflation. So, what’s the fridge price in Pakistan? You may have this question in your mind if you’re willing to get a fridge this year.

That’s why I’m writing this article about fridge prices, factors affecting fridge prices, and types of fridges. Keep reading the article all the way through to learn more about the topic.

Fridge Price in Pakistan

Fridge Price in Pakistan Today 21 May, 2024 | Refrigerator Rates

Fridge CompanyModelPrice in Pkr
Kenwood18 cu ft KRF-480Rs. 125,000
HaierHRF398IDB-RTRs. 118,000
WavesWR-310Rs. 78,200
LGGNY331SLBBRs. 88,000
PELR-134aRs. 76,500
Dawlance9178LFRs. 96,000
OrientOR6057Rs. 94,700

These rates can vary slightly in your local markets due to inflation and rising dollar prices day by day. The best practice is to have a complete survey of a few shops to get the price idea and quality before purchasing a fridge for your sweet home.

Electricity consumption of fridges in Pakistan

The actual consumption of the fridge depends on its size, the temperature setting, and how often you open the door. However, on average, a refrigerator consumes 200 to 300 watts, which means it can use up to 2 KWH per day.

Types of Fridge

  • Top-Freezer Fridge: As the name suggests, in the top freezer, the compartment is on top, and the fridge is below. Most of the fridges that you get to see these days are basically top-freezer fridges. This type of fridge comes with a lot of storage and is also affordable compared to other types.
  • Bottom-Freezer Fridge: If you’d rather have easy access to fresh food, this style puts the freezer at the bottom. With the fridge section at eye level, you don’t have to bend over to get what you need.
  • Side-by-Side Fridge: It splits the fridge and freezer compartments down the middle with two vertical doors. You can fit both frozen and fresh items in it, and it often comes with advanced features like a water dispenser.
  • Mini Fridge: If you live in a small apartment, a mini fridge is the best choice. This type of freezer occupies very little space in your room and is also very energy- and cost-efficient.

DC fridges in Pakistan & its Benefits

Due to their energy efficiency, DC fridges have become quite popular in Pakistan. Because they use direct current (DC) power instead of alternating current (AC) power. They have the following benefits:

  • Energy efficient: DC refrigerators use less electricity than AC refrigerators.
  • Reliable: DC refrigerators are less susceptible to power outages and voltage fluctuations.
  • Quiet: DC refrigerators are quieter than AC refrigerators. They don’t make so much noise, just like other fridges that make too much noise.
  • Portable: Powered by solar panels or batteries, DC refrigerators can run on electricity.

Fridge Companies in Pakistan

  1. Dawlance
  2. Haier
  3. Orient
  4. PEL
  5. Samsung
  6. LG
  7. Kenwood
  8. Sharp
  9. Waves
  10. Super Asia
  11. Pak National Engineers

Factors Affecting Fridge Price in Pakistan

  • Brand reputation and build quality play a significant role in determining fridge prices.
  • It depends on how big and how much storage the fridge has.
  • Energy efficiency ratings can affect the initial price and long-term operating costs.
  • Fridges with advanced features and technology tend to be pricier.
  • Government taxes and import tariffs contribute to the final price tag of refrigerators in Pakistan.


The fridge is a basic necessity in every house, office and apartment where people store food items. Recently, fridge price in Pakistan has risen too much due to inflation and the increase in dollar price. Many fridge companies offer their refrigerators at affordable prices, which you can consider as well. It is recommended to buy DC inverter fridges, which can save you money in terms of less electricity consumption. Advanced DC fridges can run on UPS and solar as well.

That’s pretty much about fridges. If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refrigerators work by removing heat from the interior of the fridge and releasing it outside. This cooling process helps to keep the contents of the fridge cold

The ideal temperature for a refrigerator is typically between 35°F (1.7°C) and 38°F (3.3°C) to keep food safe and fresh.

It’s recommended to clean your refrigerator at least once a month to prevent the buildup of odors and bacteria. You should also clean spills and messes promptly.

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