Servis Tyres Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Latest Servis Tyres Rates

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Servis is one of the most famous tyre manufacturing services in Pakistan, which manufactures tyres for pretty much all vehicles, including trucks, cars, motorcycles, and agricultural vehicles. After Servis tires, general tires are the most demanding and used tires in Pakistan. You can also prefer general tyres for your vehicle as well.

They’re the most used tyres in Pakistan. But what are Servis tyres price in Pakistan? This article will tell you everything you need to know about them, including how they’re priced. So, keep an eye out.

Servis Tyres Price in Pakistan

Servis Tyres Price in Pakistan Today [current_date] | 70cc Bike Tyres Rate

Tyre NameTyre SizeRare / FrontPlyPrice in Pkr
Winner2.5-17Rear6Rs. 3300
Long Life2.5-18Front4Rs. 2550
Servis Cheetah2.5-17Rear6Rs. 2800
Gripper2.5-17Rear6Rs. 2450
Hi-Speed2.5-17Rear6Rs. 2700
Cheetah2.5-17Front6Rs. 2600
Vigo2.5-17Rear6Rs. 3200

100cc Bike Tyres Rate

Tyre NameTyre SizeRare / FrontPlyPrice in Pkr
Long Life2.8-18Front6Rs. 3100
Cruiser90-18Rear6Rs. 4400

125cc Bike Tyres Rate

Tyre NameTyre SizeRare / FrontPlyPrice in Pkr
Winner3-17Rear6Rs. 3300
Long Life2.5-18Front4Rs. 2450
Servis Cheetah3-18Rear6Rs. 2800
Gripper3-17Rear6Rs. 2900
Hi-Speed2.5-17Rear6Rs. 2890

150cc Bike Tyres Rate

Tyre NameTyre SizeRare / FrontPlyPrice in Pkr
Long Life3-18Front6Rs. 3400
Cruiser90-18Rear6Rs. 4600

Uses of Servis Tyre

There are many uses for Servis tyres in Pakistan. I’ll go over each one one by one.

  • Automobiles: The Servis tyres are commonly used on cars and other personal vehicles, providing traction and performance.
  • Motorcycles: Their mission is to provide motorbike riders across the country with the best motorcycle tyre.
  • Commercial Vehicles: On trucks and other commercial vehicles, Servis tyres ensure safe and efficient transportation.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Farmers often use Servis Tyres on their tractors and agricultural equipment to navigate rural landscapes and work in the fields.
  • Industrial Equipment:Tyre like these are also great for industrial equipment and machinery.

Servis Tyres Distributors in Pakistan

Distributors NameCity
Sheikh EnterprisesLahore
Akram TradersFaisalabad
Zaman Jee AutoRawalpindi
Ali AutoHafizabad
AN General TradersQuetta
Lalani TradersHyderabad
Waqas TradersMultan
M.A Jaleel and SonsPeshawar
 Pak AutosSargodha
Chaudhry TradersBahawalpur

How are Tyres Made?

What’s the process behind making a tyre? You just go to the market, buy them, and then use them. It’s that easy for you. But making tyres is a difficult and fascinating procedure. Making tyres involves creating a strong inner carcass, moulding the outer tread for grip, and curing the tyre under heat and pressure. 

To make sure the product is safe and performs well, it goes through quality checks. It’s a precise blend of materials and technology that keeps us safely on the road.

Factors Affecting Servis Tyres Price in Pakistan

  • Tyres Size: The size of the tyre plays a significant role; larger tyres tend to be more expensive due to the increased materials and manufacturing costs.
  • Tyres Type: Different tyre types, such as summer, winter, or all-season, have varying price points depending on their specific features and performance capabilities.
  • Tread Pattern: The complexity of the tread pattern can impact the price; specialised or intricate designs may cost more due to their unique performance characteristics.
  • Tyres Quality: Higher-quality materials and construction methods typically lead to higher prices, as they offer better durability and performance.

Pros and Cons of Servis Tyres

It’s important to research and consider reviews and recommendations for the particular tyres model you are interested in. Here are some general pros and cons of servis tyres:


  • Wide Range: Servis offers a variety of tyre options for different vehicles, giving consumers plenty of choices.
  • Affordable: Many Servis tyre models are budget-friendly, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.
  • Durability: Servis Tyres are known for their durability and long-lasting performance, especially in local driving conditions.
  • Local Presence: The brand has a strong local presence with a wide network of dealers and service centers for convenience.
  • Reputation: The products from Servis tyres are reliable and trustworthy.


  • Limited Specialty tyres : Servis may have limited options for specialty or high-performance tyres compared to some international brands.
  • Availability: In some remote areas, finding specific Servis tyres models may be a challenge.
  • Performance: While generally durable, some users may prefer other brands for specific performance needs.


Servis Tyres are one of the best in terms of quality and lifespan in Pakistan. If you are considering tires for your vehicles, then go for Servis tyres; they are long-lasting and secure your drive. You can buy servis tyres from any local market shop in your city, and for wholesale bulk quantities, you can contact servis tyres directly from the Distributors listed above.

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