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Are You Searching for Tile Prices in Pakistan? Ceramic tiles are popular choices when it comes to flooring and wall-covering solutions available here. The price of ceramic tile in Pakistan is almost 1590-2100.

Costs for these coverings depending on factors like their kind, size, quality and location.

Ceramic tiles are constructed of clay that has been heated to cure it. Ceramics tiles are an increasingly popular choice for flooring, walls, and backsplashes in offices, homes, and construction sites due to their durability and tough surface qualities. Ceramics tiles can either be coated or unglazed depending on personal style and functionality needs.

Formerly, people employed clay and cement as flooring. Today however, modernization has resulted in using marble or tiles for modernizing floors aesthetically. Marble is durable yet easy to maintain while tiles come in various designs to make for stylish flooring solutions.

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Tiles rate today in Pakistan

Tiles Price in Pakistan 22 April, 2024 | Ceramic Tiles Price in Pakistan

Tile TypeSizeRate Per Sq Meter
Ceramic24*24RS. 1600-2000
China Tile24*48RS. 2100-3000
Master Tile12*16RS. 1000-1300
Irani Tile16*16RS. 1000-1400

Though there are numerous varieties of tiles on the market, we have focused on those most widely-known to ensure you receive up-to-date prices. Tuff tiles and several other types are popularly used indoors and outdoors and prices in Pakistan often fluctuate due to inflation; we make every effort to stay abreast of current inflation rate so if any delays arise, please reach out so we can rectify it immediately.

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Aim of ceramic tiles

  1. Ceramic tiles are widely utilized as flooring material in offices, homes and commercial properties due to their strength, stain-resistance, durability and ease of maintenance.
  2. Fireplace tiles provide an easy and attractive way to add decorative accents in many locations, from fireplaces and fountains to architectural features like fountains.
  3. Furthermore, these outdoor-grade tiles can easily add architectural interest when placed around pools, patios or walkways and require no special care – simply enjoy!! Ideally suited for use around pools, patios or walkways they resist weather conditions while being simple to keep clean!

Best tiles companies in Pakistan

  • Master Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • National Tiles
  • Sonex Tiles
  • Gulistan Ceramic
  • Shafiq Sons Tiles
  • Time Ceramic
  • Mughal Tiles

Advantages of Ceramic Tiles

There are several advantages of using ceramic tiles, including

  1. Ceramic tiles are constructed of clay that has been fired at extremely high temperatures to make them long-term flexible and easy to care for.
  2. simply needing to be cleaned using gentle detergent solutions to keep looking their best.
  3. Ceramic tile floors require minimum service as their durability cannot be compromised over time by everyday life or accidents.
  4. They’re simple to maintain as well, taking basic moments of your time each week to clean with an ordinary damp cloth or wipe off gentle detergent solution.
  5. Attractive window shades come in various sizes, colors and styles that make them adaptable and easy to work with in various types of design schemes.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Tiles

While ceramic tiles offer many advantages, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider, including

  1. Ceramic tiles provide many advantages; however, you should also be mindful of some disadvantages, including maintenance requirements and cost.
  2. Ceramic tiles can become slippery when wet, creating a risk for safety in bathrooms, kitchens and entranceways.
  3. Large objects dropped onto them could result in chipped or cracked tiles which require costly repairs.
  4. These windows do not provide sufficient insulation, making the room cold in winter and hot in summer.

What factors should be considered while buying tiles?

When purchasing tiles, it is essential to keep several elements in mind, including their intended use, material of construction, size and shape, color/pattern options available, durability requirements and maintenance cost. By taking all these factors into consideration when making your decision, you can select tiles which best meet both your requirements and budget – keeping in mind that prices vary across Pakistan


Ceramic tiles are very durable and can last many years with proper care and maintenance

There are several types of tiles, including glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, quarry tiles, and terracotta tiles.

Tiles can be cleaned using a damp mop or cloth with a mild detergent solution. It is important to avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools that can scratch the tiles.

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