Diamond Ring Price in Pakistan 2023

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When people get rich, they start spending their money on buying diamond rings. Not because they want to show their wealth but because they want to look more beautiful. However, as you know, even the diamond’s name shows how much it’s going to hit your bank account if you consider buying a diamond.

In addition to its exquisite appearance, a diamond ring represents love, commitment, and timeless elegance. In Pakistan, the allure of diamond rings has captivated hearts for generations. From engagements to anniversaries, these exquisite gemstones have adorned fingers, symbolizing deep bonds and cherished memories.

Understanding the factors that influence diamond ring prices in Pakistan is essential for those seeking to invest in this precious token of affection. But guess what? The prices of diamond rings are different worldwide. If you’re from Pakistan, then the Diamond ring price will be too low. What’s the diamond ring price in Pakistan?

Diamond ring price in Pakistan

Diamond Price in Pakistan Today [current_date]

Diamond QuantityPrice in Pkr
1/4 CaratRs.  32,923
1/2 CaratRs. 65,846
1 CaratRs. 131,693
100 MilligramRs. 13,169
0.2 GramsRs. 131,693

Diamond Ring Price in Pakistan

Diamond RingPrice in Pkr
10K White Gold 1/2 Ctw Diamond RingRs. 293,700
Diamond 1/2 ct tw Bridal RingRs. 315,000
Bridal Diamond RingRs. 1,475,500
14K White GoldRs. 320,000
Twist Shank Double HaloRs. 569,000

History of Diamond

A diamond’s illustrious history dates back centuries, earning it the title of “king of gems”. Originally, diamonds were called “adamas,” meaning invincible or indestructible.The earliest recorded diamond mining dates back to India, where these precious gems were not only revered for their beauty but also believed to possess mystical powers.

In the subcontinent, including present-day Pakistan, diamonds were discovered in riverbeds and alluvial deposits. The Golconda region, located in what is now the modern state of Telangana, India, was renowned for producing some of the world’s most exceptional diamonds, including the famous Koh-i-Noor and Hope diamonds.

Types of Diamond Rings in Pakistan

  • Solitaire Diamond Ring: A single diamond set in a solitaire setting. You can get it for PKR 100,000 in Pakistan.
  • Eternity Diamond Ring: A continuous row of diamonds around the band. Prices start at around PKR 150,000.
  • Halo Diamond Ring: There’s a halo of smaller diamonds around this diamond. The price of this range starts from PKR 200,000.
  • Three-Stone Diamond Ring: A row of three diamonds, with the center diamond bigger than the side diamonds. You can get it for  PKR 250,000.
  • Cluster Diamond Ring: A cluster of diamonds in a variety of shapes. Its price starts from PKR 300,000.
  • Princess Cut Diamond Ring: A square or rectangular-shaped diamond. Prices start at around PKR 350,000.
  • Oval Diamond Ring: An oval-shaped diamond. The minimum starting price of this ring is PKR 400,000.

Diamond Ring Suppliers in Pakistan

  1. Pak Diamond Jewellers
  2. Zain diamond jewellery
  3. Fazal Jewellers
  4. Abid Jewellers
  5. Diamond Chain Centre
  7. North Gems Enterprises

Factors Affecting Diamond Ring Prices

Factors that determine diamond ring prices in Pakistan include the following.

  • Diamond Size: The bigger the diamond, the higher the price, as larger diamonds are rarer and more sought after.
  • Diamond Quality: The clarity (how clear it is), colour (from colourless to slightly tinted), and cut (how well it reflects light) impact the diamond’s overall quality and price.
  • Diamond Shape: Different shapes, like round, princess, or oval, have varying levels of demand and popularity, affecting their prices.
  • Setting Metal: The type of metal used for the ring setting, like platinum or gold, can influence the cost due to their different values and qualities.
  • Setting Design: Elaborate and custom designs may require more workmanship, materials, and time, leading to higher prices.
  • Brand Reputation: Brand names and recognition often result in higher prices for jewellery brands that are well-known and reputable.


If you have a high budget, afford luxuries, and want to know the diamond ring price in Pakistan, then this blog is all about you. Diamond is considered one of the most expensive gem pieces of jewelry. In Pakistan, the prices of diamonds are linked with gold rates usually. When gold prices increased, diamond rates also showed a rise in speed. Normally, diamond price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 35,000 up to 2 or 3 million and so on. People also like to order on-demand designs for diamond rings or sets.


Diamond ring prices in Pakistan can vary widely depending on factors like the diamond’s carat weight, cut, clarity, color, metal type, and design. Prices can start from as low as PKR 20,000 for smaller and simpler designs and can go up to several lakhs of rupees for larger and higher-quality diamonds.

The price of a diamond ring is influenced by factors such as the diamond’s carat weight, cut quality, clarity, color grade, metal type (gold or platinum), design intricacy, brand reputation, and market trends.

Yes, it’s possible to find diamond rings with good quality within a reasonable budget. Researching different jewelers, comparing prices, and understanding the 4Cs can help you make an informed choice.

Diamond ring prices can vary slightly between different cities in Pakistan due to factors like local market conditions and competition among jewelers. However, the overall price range remains relatively consistent.

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