Gold Price in Pakistan Today 23 July, 2024 | Live Gold Rate in Pakistan

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Are you planning to buy gold for investment or any other purpose and want to know about the today gold price in Pakistan 23 July, 2024? Gold can be a good investment if you’re in Pakistan because there is a lot of fluctuation in gold prices these days. Sometimes the prices go too high, and sometimes they go too low. You can buy the gold and then keep it as an asset. You can sell your gold to make a profit when the prices increase.

The gold rate in Pakistan is a topic of great interest, as it directly impacts jewelry enthusiasts, investors, and the overall financial landscape. Gold prices generally remain the same worldwide as it is the most common and precious metal for investment and jewelry purposes for women. In the last one year, gold rates hit their high value, in which most people made a good profit, and the majority faced issues in buying because of high prices.

Since you’ve landed on this article, you’re trying to buy gold for your jewelry pieces or as an asset. But what’s today’s 23 July, 2024 gold rate in Pakistan? That’s what you’re going to learn from this piece of writing. Also, you’ll know about the factors that affect gold prices, their characteristics, and their history.

Today’s Gold Rate In Pakistan 23 July, 2024

So, what about the Gold price in Pakistan? The gold rate in Pakistan sometimes goes up, and it sometimes goes down. It changes in no time. However, the rate of 1 tola in Pakistan is Rs. 221,500. No one knows if the price will go up or down in the upcoming time, but this is the current price, which seems quite expensive.

For a middle-class man, gold is very expensive so far in Pakistan, so most people prefer silver, as the silver rate in Pakistan is comparatively low compared to gold.

Gold price in Pakistan

Gold Price in Pakistan Today 23 July, 2024 | Today Gold Rate in Pakistan

Gold Quantity12 Karat Rate18 Karat Rate21 Karat Rate22 Karat Rate24 Karat Rate
1 Gram GoldRs. 9453Rs. 14179Rs. 16542Rs. 17329Rs. 18905
10 Gram GoldRs. 94525Rs. 141788Rs. 165419Rs. 173295Rs. 189050
1 Tola GoldRs. 110250Rs. 165375Rs. 192938Rs. 202124Rs. 220500
1 Ounce GoldRs. 267975Rs. 401963Rs. 468956Rs. 491284Rs. 535950

Today 23 July, 2024 Gold Rate in Pakistan City Wise

City22k Gold Per Tola Rate24k Gold Per Tola Rate
KarachiRs. 202124Rs. 220500
IslamabadRs. 202124Rs. 220500
LahoreRs. 202124Rs. 220500
PeshawarRs. 202124Rs. 220500
MultanRs. 202124Rs. 220500
BahawalpurRs. 202124Rs. 220500
QuettaRs. 202124Rs. 220500
Rs. 221800Rs. 202124Rs. 220500

Do Gold Rates Vary By City In Pakistan?

No, the prices of gold are the same all over Pakistan. However, depending on the supply and where the sellers are getting the gold from, the prices may be a little more than a couple of hundred rupees, not more than that.

History of Gold

Gold has been a valuable asset for centuries. It’s believed that the ancient Gyptians used this shiny metal around 3,000 BC. When they found out about gold, they started using it to inlay their jewelry and other decorative things with this metal. The shiny appearance of gold would attract everyone to it. 

Thus, everyone started using gold in their pieces of jewelry and other items to make them look beautiful. Since gold was rare and quite hard to find, people started doing business by selling it. 

And whoever had enough money to get it would get it and use it proudly in their jewelry to show their wealth and pride. This is why, even today, gold is a symbol of wealth, power, and prestige in many cultures.

Characteristics of Gold

Throughout history, gold has fascinated people because of its beautiful, radiant yellow hue. The lustrous shine is why gold has been so highly valued for ornamental purposes. It’s also malleable and ductile, so it can be easily shaped and shaped into intricate designs. Because of this, it’s perfect for jewelry and artwork.

Factors Affecting the Gold Price in Pakistan

There are many factors that affect the price of gold. Let’s talk about each factor one by one.

1. Currency Markets:

The international gold market prices gold. in US dollars, so currency exchange rates can affect the price in different countries, including the US dollar. Local buyers might have to pay more for gold if the local currency falls against the USD.

2. Equity Markets:

Gold prices are indirectly affected by equity markets. In times of stock market volatility or bearish trends, gold can be a safe haven.

3. Interest Rates:

Changing interest rates can significantly impact gold prices. When interest rates are low, holding non-yielding assets like gold becomes less expensive, making gold more attractive to investors. In contrast, investors may move to higher-yielding assets when interest rates rise, resulting in lower gold demand.

4. Investor Demand:

Increased investor demand for gold can lead to higher prices, while decreased investor demand can lead to price declines depending on factors such as economic outlook, financial markets, and speculative interest.

5. Deflation or inflation:

During periods of inflation, investors may increase their gold holdings to preserve purchasing power, causing gold prices to rise. Conversely, during periods of deflation, demand for gold may decrease, driving prices down.

6. Jewellery Demand:

In addition, gold is widely used in jewelry making, and changes in jewellery demand can affect gold prices during festive seasons or cultural events.


Gold continues to shine brightly in Pakistan’s cultural heritage and financial landscape. Global and domestic factors influence the gold rate in Pakistan, and its appeal as an investment and adornment remains unwavering. It is a good option for those looking for an investment option in gold; you can buy gold when rates go down and sell once prices are up and make a good profit out of it. Gold is a good option as a long-term investment option in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the gold rate in Pakistan determined?

    The gold rate in Pakistan is determined by various factors, including international gold prices, currency exchange rates, supply and demand dynamics, and government policies and regulations related to gold imports and taxes.

  2. How often does the gold rate change in Pakistan?

    The gold rate in Pakistan can fluctuate daily due to changes in global gold prices and other influencing factors. You can visit our website to check gold rates on daily basis

  3. Does Gold Rates linked with Pakistan currency?

    Gold prices can increase when the dollar price goes up, and the rupees devalues.

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