Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan 2024 | Osaka Battery Rate List

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If you live in Pakistan, then you must be familiar with load-shedding, which often results in power being cut off for days at a time. Nowadays they are cutting off light supply one day a week. This is very annoying. Light is the basic need for our daily work. During load shedding how can we meet our daily needs?  Generators may help but can create many unpleasant noises, Osaka batteries provide powerful backup power so that all your appliances continue running even without electricity being available.

Osaka batteries are one of the best-known and long-lasting batteries in Pakistan. Osaka battery price is between 3000 to 50,000. Osaka, a Japanese manufacturer that’s expanded their presence across Pakistan with amazing Osaka batteries, can be found everywhere from industrial applications and automotive to consumer electronic devices – like solar inverters and UPS systems. Osaka manufactures batteries to meet all kinds of uses and types!

Osaka rechargeable batteries are among the most widely used types and chemistries, providing to customers’ individual needs and fulfilling specific orders. Their popularity makes them economical and eco-friendly. Osaka can often be found with popular chemistries like lead acid, lithium ion and nickel metal Hydride (NiMH), among many others.

Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan

Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan Today [current_date] | Osaka Battery Rate List

Osaka Motorcycle/Bike Battery Price

Battery ModelAH @ 20 HRPrice in Pkr
Super 43Rs. 1,015
Super 65Rs. 1,982
Super 87Rs. 2,513
Supreme 87Rs. 3,221
Supreme 109Rs. 4,177
NP5-125Rs. 2,183
NP12-1212Rs. 4,590
6-GFM-1818Rs. 6,573

Osaka Generator Dry Charged Battery Price

Battery ModelPlates Per CellPrice in Pkr
12GEN-MR355Rs. 7,316
12GEN-MR457Rs. 9,287
S50R/L+9Rs. 11,210
S70R/L+12Rs. 15,222
S100A+11Rs. 18,644
V110ZR/L+15Rs. 22,892
Platinum T-125 S15Rs. 25,960
Platinum P-150 S19Rs. 31,034
Platinum P-175 S19Rs. 35,046
Platinum P-225 S25Rs. 47,200
Platinum P-260 S27Rs. 50,268
Platinum P-290 Z33Rs. 60,593

Osaka Solar Battery Price

Battery ModelPlates Per CellPrice in Pkr
SOLAR 505Rs. 7,316
SR100A9Rs. 16,284

Osaka Car Battery Price

Battery ModelPlates Per CellPrice in Pkr
MF 40GEN5Rs. 7,139
MF 60 R/L11Rs. 12,886
MF 80 R/L11Rs. 17,346
MF 100 R/L13Rs. 20,000

Osaka UPS / Inverter Battery Price

Battery ModelPlates Per CellPrice in Pkr
TA 12007Rs. 50,386
TA-15005Rs. 46,374
TA-25007Rs. 72,983
TA-30009Rs. 84,016

This list includes the official prices of Osaka batteries for all uses and applications. While this price list comes directly from Osaka company, you may notice slight conflict depending on where you shop for batteries based on economic variations in different cities across Japan. Prices also depend on which city a customer resides enclosed by that nation’s boundaries and could even change depending on who controls its economy.

Let us know if you face any difference in the prices of osaka batteries in Pakistan.

Factors That Affect Osaka Battery Price In Pakistan

Cost of Osaka batteries in Pakistan’s market may fluctuate up and down depending on a variety of factors that influence its cost:

Raw Materials Costs 

The production process for Osaka batteries largely hinges upon their raw materials costs, which include lithium, cobalt and nickel as components that make up an Osaka battery. When these materials become more costly to produce than expected, its price increases accordingly.

Research and Development

Over time, much research has been conducted to enhance battery performance. Investments have also been made into batteries which affects their cost significantly; companies that need to invest more in research must sell batteries at higher prices in order to cover those investments.

Brand Reputation

 A brand’s reputation can play an integral part in determining Osaka battery prices, and vice versa. When companies enjoy excellent market credibility, they can sell their goods with more confidence knowing consumers won’t experience difficulty making payments for their goods.

Demand and Supply

Supply and demand play an enormous part in determining the price of batteries. When there is an overwhelming need, but limited supply, batteries may be sold at a higher than usual price point.

Market Competition

If the battery market becomes oversaturated with competition, Osaka might start offering its batteries at discounted prices to gain an edge in sales and beat out their rivals in this way. After all, they must stay ahead in this race against time!

Technological Developments

 If Osaka develops cutting-edge battery power technologies that you find irresistible, you may have to pay an additional premium in order to stay ahead of the pack.

Government Regulations

When taxes or incentives related to battery production or use arise, we could incur increased expenses; on the other hand, however, governments often provide some subsidies on energy-related products as a form of relief to their people – as was recently demonstrated when LPG gas prices in Pakistan skyrocketed and thus necessitated relief measures from our government.

Distribution and Retail Markup

The process of getting batteries from source to retail cost money; batteries can be costly so retailers markup the prices accordingly.

Why Choose Osaka Batteries In Pakistan?

Osaka batteries are well known for their superior performance, durability and power capabilities – they make an excellent choice in Pakistan’s harsh environment thanks to being specifically built with this purpose in mind. Their cutting-edge technology provides reliable energy sources irrespective of climate changes.


This article presents Osaka battery prices within Pakistan, providing current prices lists so you can purchase batteries for all purposes. Please remember this isn’t a review of osaka batteries so purchase at your own risk and conduct adequate market research prior to making a decision. Although Osaka batteries are known and highly-regarded manufacturers in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the price range of Osaka batteries in Pakistan?

    Osaka battery prices in Pakistan range from 3000 to 50,000 PKR, depending on the type and capacity.

  2. What types of batteries does Osaka offer in Pakistan?

    Osaka offers a variety of batteries in Pakistan, including rechargeable batteries and those using lithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-metal hydride chemistries.

  3. Are Osaka batteries environmentally friendly?

    Yes, Osaka rechargeable batteries are environmentally friendly as they can be refilled multiple times, reducing waste.

  4. Why do Osaka battery prices fluctuate in Pakistan?

    Prices may vary due to factors like raw material costs, research and development investments, market competition, and supply and demand dynamics.

  5. What makes Osaka batteries a popular choice in Pakistan?

    Osaka batteries are known for their performance, durability, and ability to withstand Pakistan’s climate, making them a reliable choice for various applications.

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