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It is widely understood that petrol has become a necessity in today’s world but OGRA price increases after a fortnight so to keep the record of the petrol price should be mandatory for regular commuters. Currently, if you are among the people who are curious to know about the current petrol price in Pakistan because of this increase routine. Then we will help you know, “how much does Petrol cost in Pakistan?”

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petrol price in pakistan

Petrol Price in Pakistan Today 22 May, 2024 | Petroleum Price in Pakistan

Petrol Price in Pakistan | Petroleum Rates

Petroleum TypePrice in Pkr
PetrolRs. 275.62
High Speed Diesel (HSD)Rs. 287.33
Light Diesel Oil (LDO)Rs. 166.86
Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO)Rs. 186.86

Petroleum Types in Pakistan

The natural liquid found under the surface of the Earth is petroleum. It is sometimes referred to as crude oil. It starts with organic stuff that has been slowly decomposing over time. This fossil fuel is significant due to its refining procedures carried out in specialist refineries, Additionally, the following are a few typical petroleum types:

  1. Petrol (Super)
  2. High-speed diesel
  3. Light-speed diesel
  4. Kerosene
  5. Liquified petroleum gas (LPG)
  6. Compressed Natural gas (CNG)

(Super) Petrol Price in Pakistan

Often referred to as ‘super’ petrol, this specialized fuel boasts a superior octane rating, ensuring optimal engine performance. Specially formulated to meet the demanding requirements of modern vehicles, it is a popular choice for both motorcycles and cars. 

Recognized for its ability to enhance combustion efficiency and reduce engine knocking, this high-octane petrol offers a smoother and more powerful driving experience. In the context of the Pakistani market, where the latest update pegs the petrol price at PKR 272.89, consumers can expect a premium but efficient fuel option that justifies its cost through improved engine responsiveness and longevity.

High-Speed Diesel Price in Pakistan

Commercial trucks often run on high-speed diesel, which allows them to exceed 7500 RPMs. For buses, trucks, and heavy-duty autos, it is the best option. Furthermore, the cost of high-speed fuel in Pakistan is now PKR 276.21, a reduction of Rs 13.50.

Light Speed Diesel Price in Pakistan

Light Speed Diesel meets the higher power requirements of this class of vehicle and is a popular option for medium-sized cars in Pakistan. Designed to offer the strength required for effective operation, it is the preferred choice for drivers looking to increase power output. Light Speed Diesel’s cheap pricing further cements its appeal in a market dominated by medium-sized cars. At RS 164.64, which is a significant decrease of RS 11.29, this gasoline offers a powerful yet affordable option for drivers who want to combine power, economy, and cost-effectiveness on their daily journey.

Kerosene Oil Price in Pakistan

Kerosene oil emerges as a highly sought-after commodity in the petroleum sector of Pakistan, meeting diverse needs across industries. Its widespread demand stems from its ability to empower small machines and equipment, playing a crucial role in various industrial operations. 

Recognized for its versatility, kerosene oil stands as the fuel of choice for applications requiring a reliable power source. Amidst the latest market dynamics, the kerosene oil price in Pakistan PKR 186.86 stands at, witnessing a significant decrease of Rs 10.14. This reduction positions kerosene oil as an attractive and cost-effective solution for industries seeking reliable and affordable energy options.

LPG Price in Pakistan

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) are imported into Pakistan. LPG is used in Pakistan for two reasons. It is utilized as fuel for vehicles as well. It does, however, also satisfy the natural gas needs of the average home. As of 22 May, 2024, the price of liquid petroleum in Pakistan is RS 285 per kilogram.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stands out as an environmentally friendly alternative fuel, derived from natural gas and composed mainly of methane. Noteworthy for its clean-burning properties, CNG undergoes compression to significantly reduce its volume, facilitating efficient storage and transportation. 

Typically reaching pressures of 3,000 to 3,600 psi, CNG showcases its adaptability to high-pressure environments. Besides its eco-friendly attributes, CNG also gains favor in economic terms, as it proves to be a more cost-effective option compared to diesel fuel. This dual advantage positions CNG as a sustainable and economical choice, contributing to both environmental conservation and financial efficiency in the energy landscape.

High Octane Price in Pakistan

Pakistan contends with some of the highest petrol prices globally, and a major contributor to this cost is the superior quality and exceptional performance benefits offered by high-octane petrol. Recognized for its advanced formulation and ability to enhance engine efficiency, high-octane petrol price in Pakistan are impacting people in Pakistan. The elevated cost is justified by the promise of superior combustion and optimized engine performance, making it the preferred choice for discerning drivers. 

Note: The absence of OGRA control over Hi-Octane petrol price in Pakistan introduces variability across different petrol pumps, emphasizing the importance of informed choices when seeking this top-tier fuel for a premium driving experience.

Highest Petrol Price in Pakistan

In January 2023, the price of fuel reached its highest point in Pakistani history, at Rs 331.38 a liter. But, it also sometimes hovers around the 230 level when petroleum goods are in great demand all around the world, which is the case right now.

Pakistan’s Eurofuel Emission Standards

The Euro V emission regulations have been formally approved by Pakistan to enhance car engine performance. Additionally, this contributes to making Pakistan’s environment greener for the next generations.

In 2012, Pakistan had previously accepted the Euro II Emission Standards, which were already out of date. Pakistan has decided to implement Euro V standards in 2020 instead of Euro III and IV, which were adopted in other nations in 2009. 

The Price of Gas in 2018 and Beyond

The value of the Rupee on the global market affects how much oil costs as well. Pakistan’s oil prices have gone up on the international market since 2018, when the Rupee depreciated.

By lowering the tax margin, the Pakistani government attempted to control gasoline prices throughout the nation in 2021. Though successful, the tactic was only a temporary fix. Problems such as these are typical of emerging nations such as Pakistan that heavily depend on imported oil. This causes the price of oil to rise and makes it more difficult for customers to purchase gasoline.

In Pakistan, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) sets the price of gasoline. It is the habit of OGRA to update all gasoline prices.  

The Background of the Petrol Rate in History

Due to CNG’s subsequent development, people’s automobiles only utilized gasoline in 1990. The folks thought filling up automobiles with gas was simple. But since then, gas prices have been steadily climbing. The highest petrol costs occurred under the Zardari presidency. 

By the time the Nawaz Sharif government ended, the prices had dropped significantly. The government became unstable as a result of the temporary constitution. In addition, gas costs haven’t changed since that period. Future and current oil prices are determined by the Oil and Regulatory Gas Authority (OGRA). 

Several factors might influence the price of fuel in Pakistan. It covers the nation’s economic situation as well as geopolitical variables.

History of Petrol Price in Pakistan

DatePetrol Price (PKR)
December 16, 2023267.34
December 1, 2023281.34
November 16, 2023281.34
November 01, 2023283.38
October 16, 2023283.38
October 01, 2023323.38
September 16, 2023331.38


What is the petrol price in Pakistan today?

The cost of 1 Liter of Petrol in Pakistan is currently PKR 267.34/Ltr.

What is the highest recorded price of petrol in Pakistan?

The highest petrol price in Pakistan recorded was for 2023-09-01 during which petrol is available at a staggering PKR 331.38/Ltr.

How are petrol prices calculated in Pakistan?

Pakistani petrol prices are determined using a formula that accounts for many factors, including currency rates, taxes, freight costs, international oil prices, distribution margins, and dealer commissions.

Which authority is responsible for determining petrol price in Pakistan?

In cooperation with the necessary authorities and the government, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) is in charge of overseeing and setting fuel prices in Pakistan..

How do petrol prices in Pakistan compare to other countries?

Due to differences in local energy policy, transportation costs, taxes, and subsidies, petrol prices in Pakistan might differ from those in other nations. Relative price disparities are also influenced by global oil market dynamics.

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