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Agr seeds are used to grow different types of crops in Pakistan. Farmers use them the most to grow their crops, such as rice, cotton, tea, coffee, and many more. The agri seeds mean the agriculture seeds.

What is an agro seed? An agri seed is a seed that is used to grow a specific crop. Let’s say you wish to grow rice crops. It depends on the type and the market demand to determine the price of agri-seeds in Pakistan. There’s a price difference of PKR 1000 to PKR 1100 for Dilkash wheat seed in Pakistan.

The price of canola seed in Pakistan is around PKR 280–400 per kilogram today, and hybrid canola seed is slightly more. A kilogram of super raya seed costs PKR 290-350 in Pakistan, while a kilogram of maize seed costs PKR 145-250. For more agri seed rates, you can follow the below rate list.

Agri Seeds Price in Pakistan

Agri Seeds Price in Pakistan Today [current_date] | Latest Seed Rates

Agri SeedWeightPrice in Pkr
Onion Seeds Price1 KgRs. 100 to 1400
Okra Seeds Price1 kgRs. 1300 to 1600
Carrot Seeds Price10 KgRs. 7500 to 8000
Bottle Gourd Seeds Price1 KgRs. 700 to 1200
Moong Seeds Price10 KgRs. 2000 to 2200
Sorghum Seeds Price10 KgRs. 1600 to 1900
Canola Seeds Price5 KgRs. 1800 to 2100
Barseem Seeds Price5 KgRs. 3300 to 3600
Wheat Seeds Price50 KgRs. 54,000 to 59,000
White Radish Seeds Price1 KgRs. 600 to 1100
Maiz Hybrid Price20 KgRs. 28,000 to 34,000
Turnip Seeds Price1 KgRs. 800 to 1200
Potato Seeds Price50 KgRs. 4300 to 5300
Raya Seeds Price5 KgRs. 1800 to 2200
Paddy Seeds Price5 KgRs. 7500 to 9000

These rates have been collected from several sources and can be different in your region or local market. Due to inflation and economic instability, agri seeds prices in Pakistan can be changed and up & down daily, weekly or monthly. So you can get an idea of agri seeds from this rate list, but do confirm from your local market before buying any seeds. You can also check the government’s official seed rate list to get the exact idea of new rates.

Uses of Agri Seeds

Pakistan uses agricultural seeds to grow everything from staple grains like wheat and rice to cash crops like cotton and canola. They’re the backbone of agriculture. To make sure these seeds yield more, are resistant to pests and diseases, and can adapt to different environments, they’re carefully selected and bred. 

In Pakistan, agriculture plays a big role in ensuring food security, supporting livelihoods, and contributing to economic growth, so agri-seeds are crucial. It takes quality agricultural seeds to meet the nation’s agricultural needs and feed its growing population, so farmers nationwide depend on them.

Agri Seeds Suppliers in Pakistan

  • Rasheed Seeds
  • Bari Seeds
  • City Seed
  • Madina Seeds Company
  • Pioneer Pakistan Seeds
  • Sky Seeds
  • Bio Gold Seeds Company
  • Shah G Agri Traders
  • Sialkot Seeds Store
  • Bismillah Group of Companies
  • Star Seeds Company
  • Agrimax Seeds & Sciences

Agri Seeds Market in Pakistan

Pakistan’s agri seed market is expected to grow at 5.20% over the forecast period (2023-2028). A growing population, a growing demand for high-yielding seeds, and government initiatives to promote the use of improved seeds are driving the market’s growth.

Factors Affecting Agri Seeds Price in Pakistan

Now, it’s time for us to talk about all of the factors that affect the prices of Agri seeds in Pakistan. 

  • Variations in weather, such as droughts or floods, can impact crop yields and agri prices.
  • Changes in international commodity prices influence the cost of agricultural products.
  • Agricultural price support programs and trade policies can affect agri prices.
  • Agri prices can fluctuate because of disruptions in transportation and distribution.

Pros and Cons of Agri Seeds

Agricultural seeds, whether conventional or genetically modified, have their own set of advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons). Here are some of the key pros and cons associated with agricultural seeds:

Pros of Agricultural Seeds

  • Agri seeds are bred for high yields, enhancing agricultural productivity.
  • Many agri seeds are developed to resist common pests and diseases.
  • They allow for a wide range of crops to be grown to meet various needs.
  • It’s possible for agri seeds to adapt to different environments.
  • Food Security: They contribute to food security by ensuring reliable crop production.

Cons of Agricultural Seeds

  • Overreliance on a few seed varieties can reduce genetic diversity.
  • Quality agri seeds can be expensive, increasing input costs for farmers.


Many factors affect agri seed prices in Pakistan, and we have discussed them clearly in this blog. For a better crop, quality seeds are the most important factor. If you can give quality and top-notch seeds to your crops, you can definitely get amazing results in the form of good production. I recommend you buy agricultural seeds from your local market or reputed brands available in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Agricultural seeds are small, embryonic plants enclosed in a protective outer coating. They are used to grow crops and are the fundamental input in agriculture.

You can buy agricultural seeds from local seed vendors, agricultural supply stores, government agricultural departments, and online seed suppliers.

To ensure seed quality, buy seeds from reputable suppliers, check for proper labeling, ask for certification if available, and look for seeds with high germination rates and low levels of impurities.

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