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Are you searching for tractor price in Pakistan? Tractor prices depend upon their quality, material and horsepower. If we generally talk about tractor prices then it lies between PKR 14,0000 to 50,00000

The most famous brands of tractor in Pakistan are New Holland, Massey Ferguson and Millat. As Pakistan is an agricultural country. Thus the tractor is the basic unit of agriculture.

tractor price in pakistan

Tractor Price in Pakistan Today 21 May, 2024 | Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan

Holland – Al-Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan

Tractor ModelPrice in PkrHorse Power
Nh 480s 2WDRs. 20 Lac, 50 Thousand 55
Nh 480 PowerRs. 21 Lac, 10 Thousand55
NH Dabung 2WDRs. 32 Lac, 20 Thousand85
NH 640 2WDRs. 33 Lac, 82 Thousand75
NH-70-56-4WDRs. 43 Lac, 70 Thousand85

Millat Tractor Price in Pakistan

Tractor ModelPrice in PkrHorse Power
MF 240 2WDRs. 20 Lac, 20 Thousand50
MF 260 2WDRs. 23 Lac, 50 Thousand60
MF 360 2WDRs. 24 Lac, 80 Thousand60
MF 385 2WDRs. 32 Lac, 13 Thousand85
MF 375 4WDRs. 42 Lac, 69 Thousand75
MF 385 4WDRs. 43 Lac, 77 Thousand85

Roosi (Belarus) Tractor Price in Pakistan

Tractor ModelPrice in PkrHorse Power
RB 510Rs. 46 Lac70
510 SimpleRs. 49 Lac75
512 4wdRs. 55 Lac85
Air CompressorRs. 48 Lac90
800 4wdRs. 52 Lac95

Ford Tractor Price in Pakistan

Tractor ModelPrice in PkrHorse Power
Ford 3850 2WDRs. 11 Lac, 30 Thousand50
Ford 4560 2WDRs. 12 Lac, 10 Thousand60
Ford 5880 2WDRs. 16 Lac, 45 Thousand80

Bull Tractor Price in Pakistan

Tractor ModelPrice in PkrHorse Power
577 Delux 2WDRs. 15 Lac, 13 Thousand76
577 2WDRs. 14 Lac, 44 Thousand75
585 2WDRs. 14 Lac, 80 Thousand85
565-5 2WDRs. 12 Lac, 33 Thousand60

Trolley Price in Pakistan

Trolley TypePrice in PkrWeight Capacity Tyres Price
Loading TrolleyRs. 770,00032,000 KgRs. 340,000
Simple TrolleyRs. 540,00028,000 KgRs. 280,000
Hydraulic Tipping TrolleyRs. 850,00035,000 kgRs. 370,000


The above table shows the prices of tractors which tend to fluctuate over time. If you find any variation let us know about the changes. It could be a pleasure for us!

Types of Tractors

There are different types of tractors that you can purchase in pakistan. These types are:

  • New Holland – Al Ghazi Tractors
  • Bull Power Tractors
  • Belarus Tractors:
  • Euro Ford Tractors

Tractor Companies in Pakistan

Factors Affecting Tractors Prices in Pakistan

  • There are some reasons due to which prices of tractors may change. These factors are given below:
  • Technological advancement
  • Global demand and supply
  • Important taxes and duties
  • Currency exchange rate


Researching tractor costs in Pakistan requires you to take into consideration a number of elements, like horsepower, brand, model, and other costs. A wide range of options from reliable manufacturers allow new clients to pick a tractor that fits their needs and budget.
Make sure you make the right choice, do your homework, look into financing options, and deal with dealers. Keeping up with changes in the agricultural industry through official channels will help verify that you’re prepared to make the right choice for your producing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of a tractor in Pakistan can vary widely depending on factors such as brand, model, features, and engine power. Prices typically ranged from PKR 600,000 to PKR 5,500,000 or more.

Yes, many tractor dealers and manufacturers in Pakistan offer financing options to make it easier for farmers to purchase tractors. Also some banks in Pakistan offering good and vehicles on installments.

No, you have to purchase a trolley separately with tractor.

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