Latest Dubai Dirham Price in Pakistan Today 23 July, 2024 | Dirham Price in Pakistan

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Have you ever dreamed of visiting Dubai’s dazzling skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa and vibrant Palm Jumeirah Island? Before you pack your bags, track your local currency and know about the Dubai Dirham Price in Pakistan, converting of PKR to Dirham, and tips for Converting Dirham.

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dubai dirham price in pakistan

Dubai Dirham Price in Pakistan Today 23 July, 2024 | Currency Rate in Pakistan

Dubai Dirham Price in Pakistan | Currency Rates

Pak Open Market Rates

U.A.E Dirham (AED)76.1576.09

Pak Inter Bank Rates

What is a Currency Rate?

Imagine currency rates as price tags for different money. Just like comparing apples and oranges, we need a rate to know how much Pakistani Rupees one Dubai Dirham is worth. This rate constantly fluctuates based on economic factors, supply and demand.

How to Convert Currency in Pakistan:

Converting Dirhams to Rupees is simple! Here are your options:

  • Currency Exchange Bureaus: These dedicated shops offer competitive rates and instant conversions. Look for authorized bureaus with clear displays.
  • Banks: Most banks provide currency exchange services, though rates might be slightly lower than bureaus.
  • Online Money Transfer Services: Platforms like Wise or WorldRemit offer convenient online conversions for the Dubai dirham price in Pakistan, often with competitive rates and transparent fees.

Today’s Currency Rate in Pakistan:

As of today, December 28, 2023, the buying rate for 1 AED is approximately 77.6 PKR. This means you can pay 77.6 Rupees for every Dirham you purchase. The selling rate is slightly higher, around 77.7 PKR per Dirham.

How to Convert Dirham to PKR:

The process is similar! Find the current GBP to PKR rate and multiply the desired amount of Dirham by the rate. Remember, rates can change daily, so always check before converting. The profit depends upon the Dubai dirham price in Pakistan.

Buying Dubai Dirham in Pakistan:

Here are some tips for a smooth purchase:

  • Compare rates: Check different bureaus, banks, and online platforms to find the best deal.
  • Ask for fees: Make sure you understand any service charges or commissions before committing.
  • Carry your passport: Most vendors require identification for large transactions.
  • Beware of scams: Avoid unofficial money changers offering unrealistic rates.

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Things to Avoid While Buying Dubai Dirham:

  • Street vendors: Exchanging currency on the street might be risky and illegal.
  • Favorable rates with hidden fees: Be wary of suspiciously good rates that might come with hidden charges.
  • Unlicensed vendors: Always choose authorized and reputable sources for currency exchange.

What is the Dubai Dirham to PKR Today?

Remember, the rate fluctuates daily. Use a reliable currency converter app or website to get the latest updates. Websites like XE Currency or Forbes Advisor provide live rates and historical charts for the Dubai dirham price in Pakistan.

With this information, you’re well-equipped to navigate the world of currency exchange and confidently purchase Dubai Dirhams for your Pakistani adventure. 


1. What is a currency rate?

A currency rate is the value of one currency in terms of another, determining the exchange rate. It reflects how much Pakistani Rupees you need to exchange for one Dubai Dirham, influenced by economic factors and demand.

2. How to convert Dirham to PKR?

To convert Dirham to PKR, multiply the desired amount by the current exchange rate. Remember, rates change daily, so check for the latest rate before making the conversion.

3. Where can I convert currency in Pakistan?

You can convert Dirhams to Rupees at currency exchange bureaus, banks, or online money transfer services like Wise or WorldRemit. Compare rates, understand fees, and choose a reliable option.

4. What is today’s Dubai Dirham to PKR rate?

As of December 28, 2023, the buying rate for 1 AED is approximately 77.6 PKR, while the selling rate is around 77.7 PKR. Keep in mind that rates fluctuate daily; use reliable currency converter apps for updates.

5. What should I avoid when buying Dubai Dirham in Pakistan?

Avoid street vendors, as it may be risky and illegal. Be cautious of rates with hidden fees and always choose licensed sources for currency exchange to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

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