Latest Qatari Riyal Price in Pakistan Today 23 July, 2024 | Riyal Price in Pakistan

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Ever wondered how much Qatari Riyals (QAR) is worth in Pakistani Rupees (PKR)? How much PKR i need to invest in order to get 1 Qatari Riyal. In order to find answers to those questions, you need to know the Qatari riyal price in Pakistan. Whether you’re planning a trip to Qatar, sending money to loved ones, or simply curious about currency exchange, understanding the Qatar currency rate in Pakistan is crucial.

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qatari riyal price in pakistan

Qatari Riyal Price in Pakistan Today 23 July, 2024 | Currency Rate in Pakistan

Qarati Riyal Price in Pakistan | Currency Rates

Pak Open Market Rates

Qatari Riyal (QAR)76.7677.46

What is a Currency Rate?

Imagine currency rates as price tags for different currencies. Just like a price tag tells you how much an apple costs, a currency rate tells you how much one currency is worth in another. In our case, the QAR-PKR rate tells you how many PKR you need to buy 1 QAR.

How to Convert Qatari Riyal in Pakistan:

Converting QAR in Pakistan is simple and you have several options:

  • Banks and Moneychangers: These are the most traditional options, offering secure transactions but often with higher fees. Shop around for competitive rates before converting.
  • Online Currency Exchange Platforms: These platforms offer convenient online conversions with potentially lower fees than banks. Popular options include Wise (formerly TransferWise) and WorldRemit. These platforms provide accurate Qatari riyal price in Pakistan and also provide good conversion process.
  • Licensed Money Service Providers (MSPs): Similar to banks and moneychangers, MSPs offer currency exchange services but may have different regulations and fees.

Today’s Qatari riyal price in Pakistan:

As of today, December 28, 2023, the QAR-PKR rate fluctuates slightly depending on the chosen platform. However, it generally sits around:

  • 1 QAR = 77.45 PKR

This means you need approximately 76.5 PKR to buy 1 QAR. Remember, this rate is subject to change throughout the day, so it’s always best to check the latest rates before converting.

How to Convert Qatari Riyal in Islamabad:

If you’re specifically in Islamabad, you have the same options as mentioned above:

  • Banks and Moneychangers: Visit branches of well-known banks like Habib Bank Ltd., National Bank of Pakistan, or private moneychangers like Al-Falah Currency Exchange.
  • Online Currency Exchange Platforms: Utilize platforms like Wise or WorldRemit for convenient online conversions.
  • Licensed Money Service Providers: Look for authorized MSPs in Islamabad like Al Baraka Exchange or Al-Noor Exchange.

How to Buy Qatari Riyal in Pakistan:

Buying QAR in Pakistan follows the same steps as converting:

  • Preferred Method: Banks

For financial transactions involving PKR to QAR, utilizing reputable banks is recommended. Banks offer security, reliability, and transparency, ensuring a trustworthy exchange of funds between Pakistani Rupees and Qatari Riyals.

  • Comparing Rates and Fees

When comparing rates and fees for currency exchange, it’s crucial to research various providers. Consider banks, online platforms, and MSPs to find the most favorable terms that align with your financial preferences and needs.

  • Providing Identity Documents and Amount

Regardless of the chosen method, be prepared to provide valid identity documents and specify the desired amount in PKR for conversion to QAR. Compliance with regulatory requirements ensures a smooth and legal transaction.

  • Receiving QAR: Cash or Bank Transfer

After completing the necessary documentation and specifying the amount, choose between receiving Qatari Riyals in cash or through a bank transfer. Evaluate the convenience, safety, and efficiency of each option based on your preferences and requirements.

Things to Avoid While Converting and Buying Qatari Riyal to PKR:

  • Unlicensed Moneychangers: Avoid unlicensed individuals offering currency exchange, as they may be fraudulent or offer unfavorable rates.
  • Hidden Fees: Always check for additional fees beyond the exchange rate, such as service charges or transfer fees.
  • Black Market Exchange: Participating in the black market for currency exchange is illegal and carries significant risks.

What is the Qatari Riyal Price in Pakistan?

The Qatari Riyal price in Pakistan is not fixed, but rather a dynamic rate that fluctuates based on market conditions. As of today, December 28, 2023, 1 QAR is approximately equal to 76.5 PKR. However, this rate can change throughout the day, so it’s crucial to check the latest rates before converting.

By understanding currency rates and choosing the right conversion method, you can ensure a smooth and secure transaction when dealing with Qatari Riyals in Pakistan.

Remember, this information is for general knowledge only and should not be considered financial advice. Always consult a professional financial advisor for specific guidance on currency exchange matters.


Q1: What is the current exchange rate for Qatari Riyal in Pakistan?

As of today, 1 Qatari Riyal is equivalent to approximately 78 Pakistani Rupees.

Q2: Where can I check the real-time Qatari Riyal price in Pakistan?

Online financial news websites or currency converter apps provide up-to-date Qatari Riyal prices in Pakistan.

Q3: Do banks in Pakistan offer currency exchange services for Qatari Riyal?

Yes, most banks provide Qatari Riyal exchange services, allowing you to convert Riyals to Pakistani Rupees or vice versa.

Q4: Can I use Qatari Riyal for transactions in Pakistan?

Qatari Riyal is not widely accepted in Pakistan. It’s advisable to exchange it for Pakistani Rupees before making purchases or transactions.

Q5: Are there fluctuations in the Qatari Riyal price in Pakistan?

rate can vary due to market dynamics. It’s recommended to monitor the rates regularly through

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